[ANN] BurstOcean - Sailing Wealthy! - Multiple Income Streams - BURST Price Booster

  • 0_1478210752226_BurstOcean.jpg

    Asset ID: 6896197830923766736
    Asset Issuer: BURST-HP7D-PER2-2DGS-8SZM5
    Total Supply: 1,000,000
    Initial Price: 10 BURST
    Dividends: 50% PAID WEEKLY

    TOTAL SHARES SOLD: 200,000

    The BurstOcean ASSET
    The BurstOcean Asset is designed to provide stability and growth to the BURST community and at the same time to reward its shareholders with decent dividends&bonuses. The wealth of the asset will be generated by several income streams that will be steadily implemented(the first revealed ones are Burst Mining and Burst Assets Holding). The primary goal of BurstOcean is to ascend the BURST community to the heights it deserves.
    Here at BurstOcean we call our income sources- STREAMS. All the streams will pour into our "Ocean" and then will be distributed partially to shareholders as dividends and the rest will be reinvested into existing or new streams.
    Here is a graphic I created so you can better understand the BurstOcean ecosystem:

    0_1485630476527_Screenshot_1 (2).jpg

    As you can see above there are 3 released streams that will ensure that BurstOcean shareholders will receive a steadily increasing amount of dividends. There are more streams coming soon but I want that BurstOcean to capitalize on these ones first before I start implementing the others. I don't want to rush anyone but it would be better to pick up some shares from the first batch(initial release) because once the other streams will pour in and the next share releases take place the asset price will most surely boost up.


    1. Burst Mining - 50% of sold assets from the first batch will go into funding a Burst mining farm hosted by @crowetic .
    2. GPU Mining - 50% of sold assets from the second batch will be invested into premium quality hardware for gpu mining.
    3. Trading - 100% of the third release asset sales will be invested in trading forex and crypto-currencies.
    4. Burst Assets Ecosystem - investing into this stream is temporarily suspended


    A. 50% of all the profits PAID OUT(as dividends) to asset holders.
    B. 45% of the profits will be reinvested.(this way the dividends payout will grow significantly each time)
    C. 5% will represent the maintenance fee.(because one of my goals is to make my shareholders happy I will sometimes redirect this to the dividends fund)

    I have made the maths and shareholders should expect at least 1-3% ROI/week,but this amount should significantly increase as 45% of our profits will be reinvested into our streams resulting bigger dividends each week.

    Some info about myself: My name is Cristian Pop and I live in Cluj-Napoca,Romania. I am running several online businesses and I am a crypto-currency enthusiast. Check out my bitcointalk profile. You can also contact me on discord: chrispop#0405

    Last but not least I want to say that I've spent many hours planning and working to make BurstOcean a thriving asset! There is still much more work to be done as I am preparing the next streams and maintaining/upgrading the current ones but I am willing to sacrifice almost anything to make BurstOcean shareholders happy! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and watch this thread for updates and exciting news!

  • BurstOcean Initial Release+BONUSES

    Initial Release: 100,000 assets
    Price: 10 Burst

    BurstOcean is launching tomorrow Friday,November 4th at 5:00PM EET(3:00PM GMT). As you can see above there will be 100,000 assets released at the price of 10 Burst each.

    Even I said in the OP that dividends will be paid out every 2 weeks,I am making a BONUS dividend round for early investors(I promise that it will be a consistent payout) and it will come mostly from my own pockets. You're wondering why am I doing this? Well as I said in the OP one of my primary goals is to make BurstOcean shareholders happy and I want people to gain confidence in this asset.

    The first DIVIDEND PAYOUT will take place on Monday,November 7th so hurry up and get your first BurstOcean assets. After this the payouts will take place every 2 weeks and soon weekly!

    The ASSET ID and Issuer will be made public tomorrow at launch time so don't worry. 😉

  • This is a ruff time to launch an asset. Without much standing here on the forum. Not to mention a few scammy looking assets being released the past few hours.

    Good luck and be ready to answer a lot of questions!

    I myself will take this as a time of caution and will not be investing in anything new.

    Everything will come out of the dark people will want the asset id : 6896197830923766736

    80000000 Burst value for 50% of this asset ...

  • I am just going to say a few things here...

    1. New accounts coming in immediately and creating assets with huge amounts of BURST... this is a big red flag...

    2. This isn't to say that this couldn't be a legitimate asset, however I'm going to want to have a bit of a conversation with the asset issuer in order to give my stamp on this...

    3. 160 million BURST is nearly 10% of the value of BURST, is this asset really worth 10% of BURST?

    4. The transparency needs to be there... There has to be a way to prove everything you're saying here to the community before I'll be behind this asset.

    This all being said, I would like to talk to you about this, I know you've messaged me a while back in the discord group, so please get at me there again, and have a conversation with me. Thanks!

  • Bitcoin cloud mining? What website and how can you sure that is profitable?

  • I'm scared of oceans right now. cough hashocean cough

  • @crutsy I am aware of the recent scam assets,but BurstOcean does not have anything to do with them. I don't think there is really a rough time to launch an asset as the community is in need of legitimate assets. Of course you have your point there that people are more sceptic after seeing all the scams out there.
    You and @crowetic implied that this asset does not worth 160 million BURST respectively 10% of BURST. Well,that's why I am releasing the asset in batches. I want to build trust with shareholders and community members. As I said in my second post on this thread the initial release will be 100,000 assets and that is worth 10 million BURST(0.61% of total BURST). I surely don't expect that to be purchased immediately,but as time passes and BurstOcean proves its legitimacy and trustworthiness it will sell.

    @crowetic Yes,I am pretty new to the BURST forums and community,but I have watched burst through bitcointalk since long time ago. I guess I have only joined now due to lack of time and I had some business to take care of.
    I will prove with pictures all the streams of income(pics with burst mining hardware,cloud mining company website with current hashing power,etc.) of BurstOcean once I get the first funds from asset selling. It is not necessary that all the initial asset release to be sold to start making the investments and paying out dividends. I will also make some spreadsheets containing expenses,profit,purchased hardware,etc.
    P.S. I have messaged you back on discord. It seems you are away,but I'm sure we will find a time when we both will be online so we can have that conversation.

    @bandarfjb The company I am working with has more than 2 years experience in the field and hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. There is a very low probability that anything will happen to this company.
    You asked "How can you sure that is profitable?": In the today's world we live nothing is 100% sure. Every business has its risks involved. What I am trying to do is to minimize the risks,that's why BurstOcean's revenue is divided into multiple streams and some of the future ones will provide more stability to the asset. I want to keep them a surprise that's why I prefer not to reveal them yet.

    @jervis I assure you that BurstOcean does not have anything to do with hashocean. It is just a coincidence that we both do bitcoin mining(however bitcoin mining is just one of the asset streams). The naming process of the asset took me a long time. I had so many good ideas,but I wanted something unique and that is not used by another company.

    The initial release will be out in 3 hours and a half at 5:00 PM EET.

  • @chrispop said in [ANN] BurstOcean - Fresh Asset Entering The Market:

    I will prove with pictures all the streams of income(pics with burst mining hardware,cloud mining company website with current hashing power,etc.) of BurstOcean once I get the first funds from asset selling.

    I think it would be much better to do this now, before people start making investments, rather than expecting them to trust that you will spend their money in the way you have described.


  • @chrispop said in [ANN] BurstOcean - Fresh Asset Entering The Market:


    Bitcoin Cloud Mining - 50% of sold assets will go into purchasing bitcoin mining power from a top class bitcoin cloud mining company.
    Q 1. Which cloud mining company & exact contract type?

    Burst Mining - 25% of sold assets will go into funding a Burst mining farm hosted by me.
    Q 2. How much Burst have you personally mined to date? (What account?)

    Burst Assets Ecosystem - 25% of sold assets will be invested into high-quality,reliable burst assets.
    Q 3. Which assets types have you shortlisted for this selection?

  • @RichBC I haven't invested from my own pocket YET so I don't have any pic with hardware to show you unless you want me to post a pic how I am mining with ~200GB with my laptop? lol
    I am not here to steal people money. I will post pics and updates after the first funds come in. I haven't put so much work in making the plans for this asset,graphics and effort to respond to each one of you fellows only for personal gains. For my work,time and electricity costs(even if burst is a eco-friendly crypto-currency) I have set a maintenance fee of 5% from the profits(not from asset sales,only from profits) that I will often redirect to dividends fund.

    I'm going to hit the gym now. I have just seen your post @iKnow0 and I will respond to you after I get home in about 1-2 hours.

  • @chrispop OK fine if that's the way you want to play things. Personally I think that it should be a prerequisite of anyone issuing an Asset to make and show that they have made a significant personal investment and demonstrate that they are experienced in whatever they are expecting others to put their money in.


  • @iKnow0 Thanks for your interest in BurstOcean here are the responses to your questions:

    1. I will purchase lifetime bitcoin mining contracts from genesis mining.
    2. Sincerely I haven't mined any burst yet. But I have made my homework(i have studied the forum,threads and watched the videos) and I'm sure crowetic&co will surely help me if I encounter any problems. So I don't think it's very important if I have any previous experience in burst mining,but I can show you that I have a past in crypto-currency and I'm not a newbie in this niche: bitcointalk.org/chrispop
    3. I have my eye the following assets so far:

  • The Initial Release is NOW ON THE MARKET!

    You can now purchase your first BurstOcean assets! Take them while they're hot! 🙂 And don't forget about the BONUS DIVIDEND on Monday,7th November. After that the dividends will be made normally every 2 weeks and soon weekly.

  • @chrispop

    On 1 I look forward to seeing the detailed maths on the cost of the contracts and projected returns taking account of Difficulty increases, and possible Bitcoin price movement v Dollar.

    On 2 I have been mining Burst for 8 Months and consider myself a beginner. I have gradually built up to 70TB and am still making mistakes and learning a lot about how best to plot, optimise, mine and manage in the most efficient and reliable way.

    Reading only get's you so far and I think it would be much better to get some real experience under your belt as opposed to expecting investors to pay for you mistakes.

    On 3 OK others are doing this but what value do you think you are adding in buying a set of assets, from which presumably you will take a cut of the profits, as opposed to people just buying the assets directly?


  • @RichBC said in [ANN] BurstOcean - Fresh Asset Entering The Market:

    @chrispop OK fine if that's the way you want to play things. Personally I think that it should be a prerequisite of anyone issuing an Asset to make and show that they have made a significant personal investment and demonstrate that they are experienced in whatever they are expecting others to put their money in.


    I agree...

    I've had a personal conversation with the asset issuer, to urge him to re-work the way he's doing things here....

    The way it is posted now, does not give confidence to the potential investors...


    I have discussed with crowetic and I decided to change/rework the asset design. I was too ambitious for my first asset and taking into account that my account is pretty new it was simply too much for a start. So instead that I will start slowly and build this asset up.
    SO.. after a long discussion I'm making the following changes:

    1. Bitcoin Cloud Mining is no longer one of the streams of income of BurstOcean as I agreed that this is not a very stable source.
    2. I have changed the initial release price to 10 BURST/asset and also the next releases prices(see the OP).
    3. Asset Sales Distribution has been changed and 75% of the sales will go into BURST Mining and respectively 25% into Burst Asset Holding.
    4. The dividends will be paid weekly from now on.
    5. Me and @crowetic came to an agreement and he will host BurstOcean's mining hardware. I hope he can confirm it here.

    The initial release of 100,000 assets is on the market at the price of 10 BURST/asset.
    Asset ID: 6896197830923766736

    *The bonus dividends will still be paid on Monday.

  • @chrispop I'm glad you have made those changes in your business model. I decided to trust you and bought a few shares. Good luck !

  • @Gadrah_ Thank you for your confidence! You won't be disappointed. 😉

  • @chrispop I truly hope so.

  • I was really hoping that the Bitcoin mining section would be taken out. I do agree with your/crowetic view on that. its still horribly unstable, and could prove to be a huge loss for everyone. That being said, im happy you decided against it, and i have Invested a few burst in your endeavour! Best of luck to you, hope to see a turnaround!