BurstCoin-Jminer-0.4.5-Release Mining Results

  • Hey all just wondering if these results were any good this system is a MacPro with 8gb of ram the plots are on a usb 2.0 external drive

    START block '291507', scoopNumber '1172', capacity '1301 GB
    targetDeadline '86400', baseTarget '2148432'
    1% done (0TB 4GB), avg.'55 MB/s'
    dl '72977504' > '86400' skipped
    dl '26794972' > '86400' skipped
    dl '18471704' > '86400' skipped
    winner block '291506', 'BURST-GTNT-N5UF-BMJN-559ZR'
    dl '1119884' > '86400' skipped
    12% done (0TB 146GB), avg.'98 MB/s', eff.'100 MB/s'
    23% done (0TB 292GB), avg.'105 MB/s', eff.'112 MB/s'
    34% done (0TB 438GB), avg.'109 MB/s', eff.'117 MB/s'
    45% done (0TB 579GB), avg.'111 MB/s', eff.'120 MB/s'
    56% done (0TB 725GB), avg.'111 MB/s', eff.'111 MB/s'
    67% done (0TB 871GB), avg.'111 MB/s', eff.'111 MB/s'
    78% done (1TB 13GB), avg.'110 MB/s', eff.'102 MB/s'
    90% done (1TB 159GB), avg.'111 MB/s', eff.'115 MB/s'
    100% done (1TB 301GB), avg.'113 MB/s', eff.'132 MB/s'
    FINISH block '291507', best deadline 'N/A', round time '2s 860ms'

  • @Njcfamily31907 Everything looks fine. 1.3TB of plots on USB 2.0 in 2.86 Seconds is good, real test will come when you add more TB.
    You may want to change pools, looks like you are on ninja and you won't be hitting many deadlines with 1.3TB. I would sugest burstpool.ddns.net or http://pool.burstcoin.party:8124 if you prefer the ninja style pool.