The almighty BURST logo... and then me. :3

  • So I'm making this post because I've been told 2 or 3 times that the admins are getting sick of the current BURST logo. I'm urging everyone to go check what I've made, then go to the poll I made so I can see/read your feedback in a shortly manner. I hope to be the one that re-creates it :). So that's why I've kind of been on my things lately. (No, I don't plan on getting "off" of my things either. [Unless something comes up of course])


    Again, before you answer the poll, please check the "selling graphics" link in my signature. There, I have uploaded all of my best/recent content.

  • 2 people already answered! Thanks guys! -- 11/4/2016 9:29 AM CST

  • It's anonymously posted, so don't worry about me getting onto you if you hurt my feels.

  • I also do not like the logo.

    It's just a B. It doesn't tell me anything about the coin.

    The coin is called burst and it's logo is a B. It doesn't inspire me at all.

    When I started looking into Burst, the logo really got to me if I'm being honest.

    It does not look professional at all.

  • I have already stated that before, but in my opinion the current logo is indeed not very good. I think it feels quite outdated. Burst needs to show two things through its logo : its simplicity and the fact that it is the currency of the future (low energy, fast, etc.).
    Just as an example, this one is quite similar but I believe it conveys these ideas better :
    0_1478291757127_Capture2.PNG Maybe still not ideal, but feels more modern.

  • @Gadrah_ Okay, so I'm getting the vibe that most people here like minimalistic art styles.

  • @joziahdd Well most successful brands have minimalist logos 🙂

  • @Gadrah_ Minimalist logos are the hardest :S. I really want to make a half n' half logo with chyna. She gets half of the canvas, and I get the other half. She can use her style of art, and I can use mine, and we can fuse them together.

  • @joziahdd Yep keep in mind I was just sharing my opinion on the current Burst logo. What matters most is the opinion of the community as a whole. Good luck to you both with your project.

  • @Gadrah_ I know, I made a post about where people can make a 5 second drawing in paint, and so it would be a megathread of shitty pictures, and then I could compile 3 different versions of them into a new clean one, and the community could vote on it. But I took it down because I don't know how it would've gone.

  • Sorry man, I just don't see anything in your signature link that makes me hopeful for an improved logo. A logo needs to be simple and iconic and be recognizable at very small dimensions. The current logo is pretty lackluster, though, I'll agree.

  • 0_1478384348060_upload-d1088ced-786a-47f5-9c40-b153b5211399

    i posted this in haitch's graphic thread by accident LOL , i meant to put it here , i still think it's terrible - but i think it's clear the all want a better logo - something minimalistic sleek and more precise on exactly what burst is

    A clean smart decentralized way to be in control of your assets - Greentech mining to anything with some free space

  • admin

    I know a price and award winning logo designer that could do the job for us. Crow and me almost hired her over a year ago but somehow due to communication problems it never worked out.

    She would offer sketches, drafts and variations of one theme. A full professional approach on it. I haven't talked to her yet but I know that she would do it for sure.

    She can do a simpler logo/icon in one day or a whole collection with background story in two weeks. Depends on the needs and purse of the client.