Selling Starbucks Instant Colombia Coffee

  • Would like to offer Starbucks Premium Instant Colombia Coffee.

    1 Packet is 3.3grams and makes a strong 8oz cup of coffee. Just add hot water and stir.

    1 Packet = 4500 Burst - Free Shipping World Wide.

    Send Payment to or Check Marketplace with: BURST-CYZV-LA84-VQZK-5QEJD


  • This item is still available and cool for those who are interested in making their first purchase on the Marketplace. For me this is just a way of communication and creating activity on the Market. Purchase a packet of coffee and have it delivered to your door, anywhere in the world for the low price of 4500 burst. Stimulate the Marketsplace and your senses with Starbucks Instant Colombia Coffee.