Open Letter to CryptoTrading Asset Owners

  • So I often see people creating new assets that are based around the ability of an individual to understand and trade in crypto, this could be partially applied to staking assets as well as after all everything boils down to RoI (Return on Investment). I have been "tinker" trading meaning small amounts only in my free time at work. Here are some numbers to look at and evaluate your performance against mine. Please feel free to openly evaluate my novice skills or compare them to results you have generated.

    Month of October

    • Starting Account balance .1BTC on Poloniex
    • 44 Buys
    • 40 Sells

    Gains measured in BTC or kept/stock piled coins by type

    • +0.02928507 BTC
    • +955.77 Burst
    • +508.42 HZ
    • +2443 Qora
    • +.00052 LTC

    Open Orders on the Market

    • Burst 48,152 coins - paid avg of 101.7ea
    • Qora 17,673 coins- paid 16ea

    Everything else has been washed back to zero. As you can see I was working in 4 coins, I'm probably going to expand to a 5th.

    If you wanted you could convert all the coins to BTC and cash out the whole portfolio, I'm letting the growth ride, there are enough numbers here to figure out the current portfolio value. If someone is bored they could do that.

    It will be interesting to see what people come up with


  • Awesome, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • @IceBurst i did the math and you did quite well. Congrats.

    Few things i'd like to mention though. If one does manual trading, such results are very much possible provided that your order size doesn't exceed 0.5 BTC a pop . The moment your order size goes to say 2-5 BTC, you will have a much harder time on certain coins, and you have to focus more on the high volume ones. That again depends on your trading strategy... some go for a 2% profit and get out, some 20% and some go for the full 100% if possible.

    That's what i love and hate about trading. Too much flexibility 🙂

    At the end of the day, what really matters is that we pull a profit with least amount of effort needed.
    Anyone who is just looking at @IceBurst 's portfolio and says to themselves '' why is he bragging about 30 bucks'' , well, he's not. It was an example. AAAANNNNDDD , even though it's say 30 bucks worth in profit, he focused his holdings on 4 coins he believes in. If he's right on them in the long term, that 30 bucks will be worth 300 or even more. How's that for trading for fun?

    People often fail to realize that even a small amount now can make a huge difference over time. So if you find yourself in the situation of only having made a few bucks on a small budget and feel like letting it go, just remember ''get rich quick'' is a mirage. The only real earners are the patient ones. One dollar today + 1 next month adds up faster than you think, and if you don't believe me, look up ''compounding interest'' on google and even youtube (they have some nice videos on the matter).

    So, in conclusion @IceBurst , daddy's proud , and i know you were just having fun with trading this but the fact that you value even these amounts and are proud to present them shows me you're a long term thinker. I like that.