Mystery Asset

  • Hi!

    I have been developing idea for some time now. And reached a stage where i sort of begin to introduce it to community here 🙂

    For now asset has no name (thus the title), albeit i have a good idea for it. And at this time i hope for this thread to be more of a discussion between me (developer) and you guys (potential investors).

    Lets start with discussion, and what better way to start it if not ask some questions 🙂

    What you guys think about price for an asset shares being ~1000 burst but small amount of shares, or ~100 burst but accordingly bigger amount of shares. Any reasons to go one way or the other?

    Now keep in mind once i start working on this, i plan to have discord channel where investors would be able to reach me and ask questions, also investors would be the first people to test whatever i will be doing (yes i know all sounds mysterious now).

    And i think this is enough for a start 🙂 Let the discussion begin and i hope this will birth a solid asset 🙂

    Your friendly neighbor,

  • @LithStud i'm a concept lover for sure, and i'm curious. I want to invest (maybe) , depending on what it is you offer. So i guess we have some talking to know. Holla at me and let's figure stuff out

  • @nameless well my concept is fairly simple... and not at the same time 🙂 I probably wouldnt even made asset, but i figured i might need some initial amount of burst that i simply might not have. Also i figure this also adds to moving burst around so stimulating economy.

    Back to concept - if it goes well it should help to circulate burst.

    Since i already have a discord channel i figure i can invite interested people, just request that and i will send the link for it. Do keep in mind i have been here long enough to consider some people as truly trustworthy and serious so i keep a right to invite only such. And as mentioned before once i figure the details for the asset those who buy into this.

  • @LithStud fair enough. So that begs the question, did i make it to the list of trusted people on this forum?

  • @LithStud What is the concept? Can you add me to the discord?

    Sweet way of opening an asset conversation:

    • No name;
    • No concept...

    LOL i know it's a discussion not an asset yet but you should give us a sneack peack under the vail xD

  • @gpedro well i realy would like to keep this at discussion level for now 🙂 i will keep concrete things for when i can show something. As still some things are in the works and a bit volatile.

    So i guess we can even use this thread as a general place about talking how to make asset, pitfalls, suggestions of experienced asset investors and issuers 🙂

  • @LithStud Ok so what you want to discuss? I don't get what there is to discuss for now because you didn't opened the game but no problem... When you are ready to open your game i will be in here 😉

  • @gpedro well as i said general stuff 🙂 like price for share, amount of shares 🙂 Tho on this had good advice from nameless.
    Also i am interested to know what investor expects from asset, besides good dividends.

  • @LithStud said in Mystery Asset:

    Also i am interested to know what investor expects from asset, besides good dividends.

    we expect it to fucking work 🙂 , but i have a feeling it will.

  • @LithStud Well regarding to the price it will depend on the total worth on the asset and in how it will work so regarding to that i can't give you a good opinion while idk what the asset is about... 100k shares at 100 BURST gives you the same evaluation of the asset as if you have 10k shares @ 1000 Burst!

    In all the businesses you shouldn't start planning nothing for it's value... You have to develop a concept, then you avaliate the concept worth and put a price on the shares... Until you share more i don't see how can i give you my opinion because i don't have an opinion yet...!

    Regarding to what people look in an asset imo is thrustworthy in the Asset Issuer and if it's something fishy (like trading for example) is good if you make a safety net like what @nameless done with 500K Asset...

  • @gpedro said in Mystery Asset:

    is good if you make a safety net like what @nameless done with 500K Asset...

    Now that you reminded me, SILVER has a safety net of 100 mil BURST 😃 , and 402 is 120% backed right now as well . I sometimes forget to mention rather important stuff like this in my assets

    Sorry i took the convo off topic for a sec @LithStud

  • @nameless not a problem 🙂 i learn this economy stuff as i go so it wasnt really offtopic 🙂