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    Issuers, one of the biggest issues for the Community is the number of scam assets that have been issued - these have cost members many millions of Burst. So trust is a big factor facing a new asset issuer. Long known members can issue an asset and the community will trust that member and asset. A new member with no history, but a brilliant idea for an asset will face a lot of skepticism.

    To address this problem, I've set up a two part service to give the community more confidence about the asset, and it's issuer.

    Part 1 is an Identity Verification service. Prior to publishing your asset you'll DoX yourself to me, and only me. I'll verify that you are who you claim to be, and have a verified address for you.

    Part 2 is an escrow service, where you'll deposit some of your IPO funds, so that in the event of you attempting to scam, or your idea/asset failing, a portion of your funds will be refunded to the community.

    Any asset not going through this process is going to face significant skepticism from the community and have difficulty gaining any traction in the marketplace.

    For details on Identity Verification go here:

    For details in the Insurance Escrow, go here:

    Validated by Haitch

    As of 1/1/2017 ID Verification is going to be a REQUIREMENT for new assets to be promoted here. Unverified owners will have their threads closed or deleted. Assets that have been posted here prior to that will be grandfathered in - but those asset owners are encouraged to become ID Verified to increase the trust in their assets.


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    Great Initiative, and I STRONGLY suggest to any burst member, not to buy from any asset that has not undergone this process.

  • @haitch great thing! Please, anyone has done this 1 part? Any Issuer?

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    @JotaJota Had the first person apply - international user, so they have an additional cost - a stamp to return the identity doc to the US.

  • @haitch This additional cost is pretty big for some users... I would have to pay almost 30€ (Correspond to 45k Burst right now) to send a simple letter to USA... To surpass that additional cost for international users you can do it throught the internet... Explanation:

    1- you send the letter to the address the user tells you
    2- when the user receive this he make a video call to you showing you the letter you sent and showing you his ID and his face so you can see that is not a stolen ID
    3 - User send you the documents needed

    Another additional security you should do is create a unique code in the letter so you can be sure is your letter and not a copy he gets from another user that already made it but i think you already thinked in this additional security... xD

  • @gpedro said in Asset Issuers - start here:

    I would have to pay almost 30€ (Correspond to 45k Burst right now) to send a simple letter to USA...

    that does make sense... skype identity swap maybe? where the 2 meet and show off their ids live? and the asset issuer holds up his ID to the webcam so that @haitch can take a snaphot. I guess that would be the low budget version 🙂

    Meh, i'll let you kids figure this out. Just let me know what you concluded so i know what to do 🙂

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    @gpedro Seriously? 30 Euros to send a letter? It's just over US$1 to send a letter to Europe.

    If the cost is seriously that high, then yes - I'll accept a video call with you showing
    a) my letter to you
    b) your ID

    And then you send me a copy of that ID via email.

    As for additional security measure - I'll be handwriting the labels - no one can fake my scrawl ............. 🙂

  • @haitch said in Asset Issuers - start here:

    30 Euros to send a letter? It's just over US$1 to send a letter to Europe.

    I never understood why they fuck us over so hard here in Europe, but true story. that's roughly what it costs to send from us to you.
    @haitch as far as i'm concerned, i can do either of the 2 versions. you chose

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    @nameless That is just seriously fucked up. Video works for me if they are going to screw you that bad. Guess I need to get Skype configured again ........

  • @haitch That is a ridiculous price of a letter from the UK to USA or NZ is just over £1 GBP.


  • @RichBC lol thanks for that. I just had a second look. Sending a letter to the US from where i am costs indeed but 2 bucks.

    It's sending entire packages that costs a ton. My bad @haitch

    so we're back to square one 🙂 . what do you prefer?

  • BUT -this just gave me an idea. Why not both? because here's the deal :

    I can give you any address i want, and i just pick up the letter from there. That's the first problem. Then, if i'm decent enough in photoshop i can put any face and whatever i want on that ''photocopy''

    So in the end, i think a combination of both should be done really. Fucked up world we live in.

    i just love to complicate things because why the hell not?

  • @haitch I would pay around 1-1,5€ to ship a letter to somewhere inside Portugal xD

    Yeah that costs are right... if i ship a small box to US it will never cost me under 50-60€, and even inside UE the shipping costs are pretty high believe me LOL

    The shipping companies in here only work good for companies and even that never work like your systems in there... Sometimes i see free shipping in US stores over the internet, in here the minimum deal that a company can get is around 5€ (for domestic shipments of boxes) and even that they have to have a pretty big shipments volume 😞

    For singular persons there are no deals in here, even for someone that has an online store... The only way you can get a deal with shipments here is if you open a company and go look for a deal with shipment companies...

    You guys have this services pretty low because you have a giant internal market that is runned as global and that creates a lot of volume so the shipments costs could be pretty low... I wish we had those prices around here LOL

    Glad you can work around this issue... As soon as i get 5k Burst available i will verify my ID for sure?!

  • @gpedro hey i believe you on the price. Some countries in the EU actually have those prices. I used to live in Denmark a few years back and that's why i related to the price right away. It was that expensive back there as well. So i can confirm, some of our countries have these ridiculous prices.

  • @nameless I don't think a Video call is going to make this any more secure. Yes you have a face but the identity itself can still be Photoshoped.

    Hopefully along with normal due diligence the postal hoop will be enough to put of most scammers?


  • @RichBC yeah, fair point. Oh well, whatever @haitch thinks is best, i will do

  • OK here's a thought 🙂 Supposing Haitch sends a small payment to your verified Paypal Account and you then send that payment back along with your address details?


  • @haitch I know right? But actually i made a search right now and there is a old company that was buyed by some Chineses guys and that company is making only letter shipments and they have reasonable prices so basically i can send to you by letter with no problem but all the other companies have pretty big costs...

    The thing of this company is that they started working in Spain too so they do the external shipments of Portugal and Spain together and i guess that already give them enough volume to make reasonable prices!

    So basically you tell how you want things and i will do it, although i agree with @nameless about do both instead of just the letter thing xP

  • why should we trust in who asks us data? this is the right law?

  • @RichBC said in Asset Issuers - start here:

    OK here's a thought 🙂 Supposing Haitch sends a small payment to your verified Paypal Account and you then send that payment back along with your address details?

    It can be done, provided you have one of those 😃
    I never used paypal in my life. Welcome to the clusterfuck of the international world and its problems