Deadlines - I'm confused? How to get the best payout.

  • So Ive been watching various pools lately, And wondering how to get better deadline times, because better deadline = more payout right? And I was told that more HDD Capacity will give you better deadline times, however I seen a guy in a pool that had 300TB and was getting much less of a payout than people with 20-60TB of capacity. So what gives? Does more capacity give better payouts or not?

  • Yes Better capacity does give better payouts as it means you have plot files and there for more nonces to scan and hence find better DL's

    the reason you see someone with smaller capacity with a better deadline is that you might only be seeing part ( or just 1 miner ) of a larger group of miners for someone as having multiple miners can be good when having multiple plot files that can slow down read time by having to many plot files to be read by just 1 miner

  • @Njcfamily31907 oh okay thanks 🙂

  • Hi Guys [email protected] and @Njcfamily31907 .... I I would ask the same question in the forum.
    Like you, I seen a guy in a pool that had 300TB with better deadlines of than people with 20-60TB of capacity.
    But I still don't understand yet this logical.
    @haitch ... Can You help us about this case.
    Day after day I have been increasing my mining capacity and I still continue to lose blocks in the pool to people that have lower capacity of me.
    Could you help me in this case?
    Best Regards!!!

  • @casadosprj You will always find yourself loosing Blocks to people with lower capacity. Say you have 20TB and there are 50 other Miners on the Pool with 10TB?

    It's not like a race with 50 other athletes less able than you and you usually beat them all. In the Mining case you are competing with your 20TB against the combined 50 x 10TB = 500TB. So on a lot of Blocks one of them will beat you, different winner every time but you are beaten by one or more of them.

    This is quite separate from luck and the other issue of Pools not showing the full TB for Miners who are using multiple PC's etc.


  • @casadosprj
    @RichBC explained it well, but the analogy of the lottery may help you understand even better : a miner with more capacity (= more tickets) is more likely to win blocks than a miner with less capacity (= less ticket). But in a lottery, even a guy with one ticket can win. So in the short term, a lot of luck is involved and a guy with half your capacity can win 2x more blocks. You can only truly analyse the discrepancies of revenue on the long term (a matter of months).

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    @casadosprj What you'll see in the capacity column, or an estimate of the miners actual capacity. If you look at the pool, you'll see I've got the best historical value, with my capacity of 17TB - except that account actually has over 100TB spread of several miners, one has 17TB, so that's what is reported, but the reality is more than 5 times that.

  • @RichBC @Gadrah_ @haitch .... Thank you so much for all explanation .... Now I understand the game ....
    Do you know any tips to decrease my deadline .... Just buy more HDD? Run the plot optimizer?
    Now I have 3 file of 415GB and 5 HDD each one contend 2 files (1 of 1,7 and 1 of 2GB).
    None of them have a time greater than 1 minute to read but my total time is to long ... Is this a penalty for me? The plot Optimize will work here?
    Thank you again!!!!

  • @casadosprj you cannot control your deadlines. It's your plots and luck that drives your deadlines. You can only decrease your computer's reading time. So, if you want better deadliines, get more capacity. It's just that. Then, get the time to read those plots lower down. 🙂

  • Thank you @jervis .... Thats it!