Haitch's "Not-mild" Salsa Review

  • This is my review of @haitch 's not-mild salsa. It came very fast, and I couldn't complain on any condition. When I got it, I was sleeping in, and my dad came to me and woke me up.
    Dad: "Son, you have a package.... biohazard?"
    Me: "yeah dad, it's the salsa I was talking about."
    Dad: "God. Just smell the lid. It smells dangerous. Don't eat that anywhere near me."

    A few hours later, after refrigerating it, I got a small spoon, cracked the lid off, and tasted a small amount of it. Not bad. Instant spice, but not a burn. I tasted it again. I wanted to savour all that I had. I put it away.

    The next day, the hotel staff brought me some Croissant, ham & cheese, hot pockets. I immediately cracked open the salsa can after microwaving the hot pocket. I put the hot pocket and 3 scoops of salsa on a plate. There was a large chunk of pepper I saw. I put the large pepper chunk on the hot pocket and took a bite. Wrong move. My eyes welled up, and my nose starting running. I grabbed some tea and held it in my mouth. The burn slowly went away. It lingered for about 10 - 15 minutes until I didn't feel it.

    15 minutes ago, I just had a hotpocket and some more salsa. This time, I was dipping the hotpocket straight into the salsa jar. PERFECT. This was the perfect amount of spice I was looking for! Not a burn, just a spice. My nose started becoming runny (and I love that). My eyes DIDN'T water up. After eating my hotpocket, I went to the bathroom and blew my nose 2-3 times. It was wonderful.

    Don't eat a lot very quickly. You'll regret it. Know when to stop, otherwise, again, you'll regret it. Expect a runny nose and maybe watery eyes :). And savour it!

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  • God, that sounds delicious.

  • admin

    @Phluff I ship to Texas, have Mild, Not Mild, Loco ..... there are no reviews of Loco yet, I need to resolve that. Mild is edible by most people and will be called Hot. Not Mild will be called extremely hot. Can't wait to see what they call Loco 😃

    25K Burst/Pint shipped - shipping guaranteed, I REALLY pad the jars, but if one arrives busted, I'll ship another for free.

    @joziahdd - Sorry about the large chunk of pepper - that shouldn't have been there.

  • @haitch Too bad I don't have that amount of Burst right now. And sometimes, large peppers are a good thing. Haha

  • admin

    @Phluff With my peppers - large chunks are not a good thing ........

  • @haitch All good 🙂 thanks for the salsa.