Do you constantly Find DL's of 6 hours or less????

  • Hey All I run and i am looking for the Miners that are constantly finding DL's of 6 hours or Less as that is the Max DL that i have Set for the Pool

    I am looking for the Heavy Hitters that Are Dedicated Miners

    So come Check out Pool.BurstCoinMining.Com:6080 for the Low DL Pool

  • @Njcfamily31907 Consistently under 6 Hours is going to need some very serious Mining Power. I would suggest something over 300TB. Nice idea if you have that many TB and want to be on a Pool.

    Although if it attracts some big hitters I would give it a go with my 80TB as I like pools that are very responsive due to the small number of nonces being submitted.


  • What would happen if this pipe dream came true. You would get a majority of the blocks leaving the scraps for the rest of us. Would this make burstcoin better? Could you start a baseball team with the very best players? Nothing is for free you need to earn it. Ninja clones are like sand on a beach so make your sand different or it will be a uphill battle!