Interpret Generate Plot Readout

  • Hello all,
    I have an AMD cpu w/16 GB RAM running on Ubuntu 16.04, gpu can be seen from below w/2 GB mem. When I go to 'Generate' plots this is the terminal readout:

    ****[email protected]:~/Downloads/crypto/burstcoin$ ./gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer /media/imbota/burst/.......587_0_19712400_8192

    GPU plot generator v4.0.3
    Loading platforms...
    Loading devices...
    Loading devices configurations...
    Initializing generation devices...
    [0] Device: AMD Athlon(tm) 5350 APU with Radeon(tm) R3 (OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1445.5))
    [0] Device memory: 2GB 577MB
    [0] CPU memory: 2GB 577MB
    Initializing generation contexts...
    [0] Path: /media/imbota/burst/6510305595672859587_0_19718144_8192
    [0] Nonces: 0 to 19718143 (4TB 718GB 0MB)
    [0] CPU memory: 2GB 0MB

    Devices number: 1
    Plots files number: 1
    Total nonces number: 19718144
    CPU memory: 4GB 577MB

    Generating nonces...****

    The question I have is - can anyone interpret what the readout shows as far as cpu memory? Why is cpu mem. shown 3 times in 3 different configurations. What does this all
    relate too?
    I have been trying for some time to plot a 5TB drive with no success. I have looked on B-T & Github as well as Google. The best I can get is 1024 n/min. Wanted to know if readout could help me.
    Thanks for any help.

  • admin

    @vadirthedark The first amount is the mount used in association with the GPU for plotting, the second is the amount used by the plotter for other buffers, and the final amount is the total of the first two.

    The 5350 APU is not as powerful as a discrete GPU, so it's possible that's the best it can do.

  • @haitch Thanks for the info. Wow

    A couple of questions - have you seen any research on the best GPU setup when it come to plotting and mining? We plot at different rates, does that
    go for mining as well?
    Also, if I let the plotter run to completion and went to mining, do you thing my mining would be as slow to the same degree as my plotting?
    Is a new GPU needed in my situation?

    Thanks again