Maximizing CPU when mining

  • The title say it all. Is there a way to maximize CPU usage while mining ? I am currently using about 50% of total capacity. I am cloud mining atm, and I know that it connectivity speed is a huge part of the equation, but I am not quite sure how the miner work and how all of this fit together i.e Does the miner download the files from the cloud ? Does the files only been read ?

  • @CoinBuster The files are only readed not downloaded...

  • @gpedro MAN long time - no see XD How the cloud assets going on ? It's sounds like a great one. I'll sure look up to join.

    Interesting, I would like to understand how the wallet works. When cloud mining, I see in the task manager, the Ethernet is used, and CPU. The reading speed is correlated with connectivity speed of the Ethernet e.g when the Ethernet ''receive" 150mbps then the reading time is 15mb/s.

    Back to the question, I want to experiment the correlation between connectivity speed and cpu in cloud mining, which of the two is the determining factor of speed in cloud mining.What about you ? Do you have reading times that are much correlated with connectivity speed ? Did you try increasing the speed of cloud mining ?

  • @CoinBuster Long time no see for sure... I've been around but i didn't saw you online for some time xD

    As far as i know there is no way of getting best reading speeds on clouds, besides getting a better internet connection on your side or on the cloud side... x(

    Regarding to the cloudmining asset it was not released yet because i am working in a good way i could arrange it... 😉

  • @gpedro Yeah buddy I was a bit occupied with work here. I had some sleepless nights xD I am sure you will have too with the coming of the asset, so if you need help let me know ;). btw do you use Linux or Windows when mining on the cloud ? Trying to set up Linux.

  • @CoinBuster Just Windows... I have no experience in Linux at all?! Actually i am doing some tests with another user on a big Cloud and we could use some help from that lab you have access, so when you have the time and availability let me know so we could do some tests in there?! xP