Plotting optimisation from one drive to another in Linux

  • Hi there,
    I try here to find a solution to my issue.
    I would like to optimize a 5tb plot file from my driver 1 to my driver 2.
    Apparently with linux this is impossible, because the DCCT optimizer do not allow me to create the optimized file into a different location than the original one!
    I tried to use plot_optimizer_1.6-j6jq but when I run the optimizer.exe It do not run on my ubuntu machine.

    Thank you

  • @ccminer I have absolutely no experience in Linux but i guess you can make a VM and put in there a Windows version and run the windows optimizer to make it possible right?

    Maybe there is a solution for that problem in Linux but i can't help you with that, just throughing the idea out there xD

  • @gpedro Yeah I was thinking to use a VM, but I hoped to find a more "elegant" solution

  • @ccminer Sure maybe some Linux expert can help you... I just through ideas around! hahaha