Two plots at the same time?

  • Can I start two plots at the same time in the same PC?
    The time to plotting will be the same?

  • @casadosprj Short answer you can, but given that plotting is very cpu intensive it will actually take longer than plotting each individually due to the fact that the cpu will have to continuously swap each process in and out of memory there by adding to the time. Currently the fastest way to plot is with a GPU.

  • @casadosprj I would not advise you to not do this in the same hdd but if you are plotting 2 hdd's at the same time this could actually make you plot faster the total space?! Specially if the writing speed of the hdd's is your bottleneck, what will possibly be if you are plotting with the GPU...

  • Thank you @iKnow0 and @gpedro .... GPU is part of my next project .... Actually I'm using the CPU process to plot .... I will make each one separately .... Thank you!!!!

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