Standardizing plot files

  • I would like to know if it is better to create a standard for plot file naming for each hard drive size.
    The hard drives sizes are 1tb, 2tb, 3tb, 4tb 6tb, 8tbb
    Ex. To plot a 2tb drive create the following 2 plots
    numeric address_100100000003604480_3604480_3604480
    numeric address_100100000013604480_3604480_3604480

    The hard part is how many plots files per drive however lets make it simpler for the user.

  • @Burstde My system is to plot all files as just under 1TB. On each new drive I start the first plot with a new prefix 1,2,3 etc followed by 8 zeros such that however big the drive (at least Today) I will not run out of 1TB Plots I can put on it.

    Usually I leave the plots on the drive I created them on, but as all plots are 1TB and all different they can be moved around at will.


  • @Burstde said in Standardizing plot files:

    numeric address_100100000003604480_3604480_3604480
    numeric address_100100000013604480_3604480_3604480

    This starting nonces are too damn high, that will never work because there is a max number of nonces per account that correspond to around 1000 PB if i am not mystaken, and that is under 200000000000000 nonces (i don't recall the exact number right now tbh), so your starting nonces are too high in there xD

  • Well that explains my problems then. All I was concerned with was to number each plot on each drive i have. And I think at some point I started to increase the starting numbers because I have a lot of plot files and now I have to keep them under the 200000000000000 nonces. Thanks for the help

    All my plots are working great now that was it. no more corrupt files

  • @Burstde i advise you to use ranges like this:
    1000000000 - 1999999999
    2000000000 - 2999999999

  • admin

    @Burstde Plot one file per drive - just figure out the plot size to do.

    To calc number of nonces pre drive:

    • Take file size in bytes (use Windows explorer - drive properties).
    • Divide by 262144
    • Divide by stagger
    • Round down - 11,372.12345 becomes 11,372
    • multiply by stagger - this is your number of nonces to fill that drive.

    Start next plot at previous start nonce + number of nonces.


  • Okay but here is my point instead of giving me or say a new miner all this information to calculate. Let just give them the whole string on information to use to create their plots. Take a 2tb drive give me the line as I did in my first post and lets everyone has 4mb of memory (4096) . I'm just plotting a 2tb drive and next I will plot a 8tb drive (4 plots). Previous plots used sse2 cod path. I found a laptop that can do avx code path so lets see if this plot will not be corrupted as the past ones.

    1. One plot file t0 fill actually 2tb drive (1.8tb)

    2 Two files

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    @Burstde I cant give a complete command - your 4TB drive might have more or less bytes than my 4TB drive. If it has more, space gets wasted, if it has less your mining will error out. Its a simple calculation - but you have to do it yourself.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Such a sad site too see when I mine. Again plotting using AVX code base a 2tb drive (really 1.8tb)
    wplotgenerator address 0 7208960 4096 4
    I will let you know how this one plots over the weekend.

    All other plots below are sse2 dual core cpu.
    17107898157893413933_41040013604480_3604480_3604480 (optimized)

    I tried to use 440gb and 880gb plot files. Plots on bottom right photo are improving with use.


  • @haitch

    8tb drive (7.27tb) 8,001,424,449,536
    2tb drive (1760gb)

  • My corrupt plots
    So far AVX code path is fast and can almost plot 2tb in 24 hours. Further more this plotted file run smoothly

    SSE2 ans SSE4 code path is slower and those plots will be ready sunday. Unfortunately none of these plot are working . All corrupted files. My only guess is for the past 3 months me having to plot files all the time might be due to my hardware (cpu) not functioning or the computers memory.
    I will now take an 8tb drive and plot it using the avx code path.

    SSE2 = Dual Core E5800
    SSE4 = i5-560m (laptop) Dell 5610 precision
    AVX = i5-2430m (Laptop) Dell xps L502