burst.ninja pool issue?

  • Why did the pool not win the block? #293143
    is there an issue with the pool.

  • @iKnow0 There are other pools and users that win blocks, that is probably it.

  • @Xander52 look at the times, the burst.ninja deadline is 7 seconds less than the winning deadline. this is a very serious issue.

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    @iKnow0 guys have to understand something. If two miners find similar times but one submitted it like 20 or 30 seconds later than the first then the first would win. 7 seconds is not a big difference. Also sometimes a miner might complete before the submitted deadline

  • @iKnow0 very good question. I have seen this several times in the past, but have not seen an explanation.

    I have however just had a look at the Burstcoin.biz data for Block 293143 which gives the time for BURSTCITY1 as 6.78 minutes which I make 6 Minutes and 46.8 Seconds which is faster than Cyber_Acid on ninja with 6 Minutes 49 Seconds?

    So perhaps this is just a Pool reporting / comms problem, or perhaps it's related to the Forking that we sometimes see?


  • @Focus the smaller deadline was reported up on burst.ninja 90 seconds before the deadline expired, i just happend to be watching it. That why i think its so strange.

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    Ok. I am at a loss to explain it. Maybe someone with more experience can

  • @RichBC I think you are right, its just not displaying the correct value in the conversion from the input value to the displayed value, a modulus bug of some sort would be my guess. Thanks for your investigations.

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    @iKnow0 Clocks. ninja is NTP synced. If the other pool was not it could report a different deadline - if you look at the pools for most blocks the reported deadline is different by a few or quite few seconds. The block chain is the final arbiter of who really had the best time.

  • @haitch Thanks for the explanation, would have thought it would be a prerequisite for each of the pools to be NTP synchronized. It might make a nice feature for the various miners to report the server time at startup so any lag could be addressed.

  • @haitch Another one block #293757, this time i checked the winners (Block Generation Time 2.95 minutes) 2 min 57sec , thats a 30 second gap between my reported time, is there any way you can can validate my time? 0_1478798877770_badblocks2.png

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