What am I doing wrong? GPU Plotting

  • Hello Burst Community,

    I have the following system:

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    24 GB Memory
    Intel i5 2310 2.9 GHZ 4 cores
    Radeon Nitro AMD Rx 480 8GB Card

    I am desperate to get a much higher nonce/minute speed. I have plotted 53TB of drives already and waited for days at a clip per drive using the CPU Plotter. I finally, this past weekend, made the investment in what I thought was a pretty decent GPU to speed things up for plotting my next 20TB of drives. I have read ridiculously fast speeds from people using GPU.
    As you can see below, my speed seems very slow. I have provided my devices.txt device listing from the gpuplotgenerator utility and my current plotting. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get more out of this GPU? Thank you in advance for your help!
    alt text

  • I5 processor?

    1 0 8192 64 8192 for your device

  • I think you're using you i5's built in GPU... use what @kohai said 1 0 8192 64 8192

    EDIT: an RX 480 should have 26k to 30k nonces/minute speed. 🙂

  • Thank you I will try that. One more thing, what should I use for the filename? I have this : 2783713231314443085_534148994_19046400_8192

    is this good for a 5TB drive?

  • Also, it appears to not work with: 1 0, device not found. I changed to: 0 0. Its running I will report soon what it is doing.

  • try running the gpuplotgenerator.exe setup
    then, list devices and paste here.

  • the command is "gpuPlotGenerator.exe setup"

  • thank you, here it is.

    alt text

  • @marrada said in What am I doing wrong? GPU Plotting:

    Thank you I will try that. One more thing, what should I use for the filename? I have this : 2783713231314443085_534148994_19046400_8192

    is this good for a 5TB drive?

    That's okay man.

  • Are you using direct? I think you're using direct mode. If you're using direct, i think that's all right. It will just go up as time goes by.

  • @jervis Thank you! Yes I am using direct. How long should it take to get to a good speed (that I will see it is working well)? What kind of speed can I expect with this setup?

  • hmmm, strange, your setup should work fine with 0 0 8192 64 8192 then

  • @marrada Just leave it be. I just leave it to run. at the start you will see the time it will take for it to finish then it will stop moving then come back with low nonces/minute climbing. 🙂

  • @kohai & @jervis Thank you very much for the help! I think the new settings and some patience will help. I was thinking right away I would see thousands/minute flying by me. I will let you know what happens.

  • still not working right. It plotted for hours and after like 12 hours was still only like 1200 nonces/minute. It only processed a 88 GB file after all that time. Any other ideas? Not sure what else to try.

  • just let be man. Remember, it will take more than 12 hours for you to plot that in buffer and then take a whole day to optimize.

  • @jervis Ok but I am doing direct, is that still the case?

  • I have switched back to cpu plotting (old reliable). This is starting to cost me BURSTCOIN 🙂 I do appreciate the help. I bought the card to do some simultaneous ZCASH mining and to get faster plotting which is working great. Earn some ZCASH to buy BURSTCOIN! Unfortunately, I find the GPU plotting process very cluggy. It definitely does not go as smooth as the videos I saw. The calculations that show are ridiculous and takes to long to show something reasonable so you do not know until after days or a lot of hours whether it is working. CPU plotting at least is straight up and works, just takes a long time. I will stick with that for now.

  • @marrada I did the same. CPU plotting is slow and steady but it gets there every time.

  • @marrada you can try device.txt as

    0 0 7168 128 4096

    or even

    0 0 7168 256 4096

    7168 is equal 7GB memory - i would advice not use full amount of possible memory (first most manufacturers counts GB in simplified maner, and second you would still want to use your pc 😉 )