• So bonus for buying shares almost over (left couple days).

    Shares bought: 7034

    Sad thing BURST price has droped so much, so we will have less BTC to buy coins. Most of this i will use to get NET coins, and some to get BITB or RDD (will decide day of buying according to price state).

    I hope we will be joined with more investors and be able to setup a more expensive coins for staking (DMD and one i am currently assesing).

    Why not invest in one coin only?
    While i try to asses coin stability and choose only those i feel will keep stable prices or even increase in price, there is still risks, so staking multiple coins is a sort of safety measure.

  • Shares bought: 8476

    Less than 10h is left of early sell bonus and also till starting of growth stage 🙂

  • Update and the early shares bonus dividends incentive has ended 🙂
    Total shares sold: 8614

    EDIT: In view of unnaturally low price of BURST i decided to wait till tomorrow before selling collected BURST. Lets hope it gets back above 70 satoshi atleast.

  • So the decision to sleep on BURST was right 🙂 prices are now over 70 satoshi 🙂 gonna begin converting BURST into other coins once i get from work.

  • Those who tracks this asset might have noticed some additions to google sheet 🙂 it now has a log of transfer to Bittrex. At the moment trying to sell a small chunk of funds in a way as to not drop down burst price - it will take a bit longer but in this way should be preserved current fragile burst price state. If come tomorrow morning i havent been able to sell this small chunk i will just dump it at the buy price as more than couple days delay will be more harming the asset than selling at a bit lower burst price.

  • So first deposit into BITB wallet has been done and coins are now maturing 🙂 Currently waiting for the rest of BURST sold so i can finish up NETcoin buying and send it to wallet as well.

    All the relevant sell/buy/deposit/withdraw logs investors can find on the linked google sheet 🙂

    Big thanks to those who entrusted there burst to YASA asset. So cheers and lets earn some money! ^_^

    EDIT: All initial burst converted to BITB and NET (bigger part goes into NET) and is now maturing in wallets 🙂 After some testing i will launch a webpage where you will be able to see wallets balance (update 2 times per 24h).

  • Since got things started time to lay out some reporting schedules 🙂

    I will try to do a summary report of week every Sunday as in how much shares sold, current state of wallets.
    Also there will randomly put posts about general news for this asset (like website updates, coin evaluation and consideration, as well as critical updates if there is news about some coin crash and the need to relocate funds)

    Sunday is also a day i will be transferring collected bursts from sold shares into exchanges for getting new coins. This might change if there is large enough amount of burst collected before the end of week.

    Burst will be always exchanged at best possible price and if able as sell order (not a straight sell to bid order).

    Happy trading,

  • Which one produce more return? BITB or NET?

  • @bandarfjb at the moment NET should give more as BITB i am trying to calculate optimal way to grow 🙂 also NET has bigger volume on exchange so there is that as well.

    I am almoast done with fixing charts for growth tracking and will launch info site 😉

  • yasa.rimvis.lt YES the information page is finally launched albeit with just bare minimum information (wallets balance, shares distribution). I will keep on adding to additional information that might be useful from time to time 🙂

    NET wallet balance is sadly not very reliable as i couldnt find well working block explorer for it, so there is a dip in a balance curve for it, but nothing to worry as at this moment i switched my source of information to better working one (hopefully) wich was still behind so didnt have up to date balance.

  • Weekly Summary (2016.11.27)

    Total shares sold: 10720 (+2106 since last week)

    This weeks gains (20630 Burst) will be sold and invested into BITB strengthening its growth further (in last week i was analyzing its growth potential with higher amounts and was able to formulate a strategy to achieve fairly constant results).
    As allways detailed logs can be found at Google Sheet

    Information Website yasa.rimvis.lt has been launched, albeit still having some problems with NET blockchain to read wallet balance, information about balances is recorded every 8h. Since the amounts vary by pressing on coin tag in legend (eg. BITB) it will turn off that coin line and rescale the chart.

    Big thanks to investors who decided to trust in this asset. Lets make some money together!
    -- LithStud

  • @LithStud so cool bud. I'm excited of this asset too. 🙂

  • @jervis Thanks for confidence! 🙂

  • small update: investement has been completed and BITB wallet now has additional ~300k beans to grow 🙂

  • Weekly Summary (2016.12.04)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet

    Total shares sold: 11069 (+349 since last week)

    This weeks gains (3490 Burst) will be unspent due to small amount.

    Other news: There was a fairly important changes to Bittrex policy on coins that affects small trading volume coins (meaning most of cheaper POS coins as well). I keep my eye on its developement, while this shouldnt affect ability to sell coins (there is other exchanges) still affected coins has droped in price (as you would expect since those who use just this exchange will drop there savings in those coins). Be assured that YASA asset is still developing according to plans and will keep on diversifying coins being staked (assuming we keep on selling shares 🙂 )

    Have questions? Feel free to ask!
    -- LithStud

  • Yes, please consider all possible effect in the future of the coins. I hope the best for you.

  • @bandarfjb Thats what this asset is for 🙂

    In case bittrex removes currently staked coins i have already planed out the course of converting them into burst when time comes, it will cost a bit due to all transactions needed but its better than just trying to cash out now (i believe the price for coins will stabilize and return to its normal rate in next month or two).

    Also i am testing RDD at the moment (using my own funds afcourse - currently ~200k coins). This coin has an added bonus on being traded on Poloniex so it will be easier to convert it to BURST and vice versa 🙂

  • Small update: Since there was a couple big buys of our shares decided to exchange collected BURST and start another coin EGC (BITB and NET going to leave for now untill it all resolves and i know for sure whats my options for selling/buying them).

    EGC will be assets first coin that is priced over 2000 satoshis. Planing to buy around 500 coins and see can we increase it efficiently.

  • What is the interest for EGC?
    I have NET and BITB in my local wallet, I will leave the other coins to be managed by you. Good luck!

  • @bandarfjb hey there 🙂 EGC supposed to have 7% interest. I would rather increase NET coins amount but at the moment its a bit unstable, so i will just diversify for a moment.