• Update: Asset will be also investing in B3Coin (~0.02 BTC). It will be a bit different since at least for now i will be using a pool to stake it (mostly due to current really large yearly %). As that time frame is really small it will be not a part of dividends for Month 11, but rather start from Month 12 (its the time around when yearly % will decrease a lot). The reasoning behind this is oportunity to increase held amound drastically - this also adds a bit of a risk if its price would fall way down (hopefully it will go up).

    So with this numbers are ~10k BURST invested into XP coin (we got first stake yesterday ~150K XP coins) and ~30k BURST invested in B3Coin (well still processing buy orders).

  • Update: Google Sheet been updated with latest amounts from new coins also i moved my personal funds from XQN and BITB (there wasnt much left).

  • Weekly Summary (2017.11.12)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Market movement: 44 (since last week) shares changed hands.

    News: Due to huge BTC drop in price total asset value per share has been hit by couple $ cents. Otherwise value in BTC seen only small drop. At this point in time only wallet that still has some of my personal funds is FLT one. Decision to withdraw the last of personal funds from XQN, BITB and NET was mostly due to my own needs for investing and my belief that asset is well on its legs so those amounts wont affect anything important :) That being said i am still a major holder of YASA (i think ~30% of total shares released) so i am plenty motivated to keep it expanding.

    As mentioned in various updates during this week asset is now holding some B3 coins in staking pool since there is not much time left for huge % for staking my decision was to not count it towards dividends this month but instead let it grow as much as possible. This way i hope to have another stable income coin in upcoming months instead of one time deal.

    I have also updated yasa.rimvis.lt webpage. The charts now show XP and FLT wallet amounts, B3 wont be shown as its held in staking pool and i dont have an easy way to automate how much there is at any given time. So in regards to B3 amount please check in google sheet under Wallet-BTC-EUR-USD tab (it holds records of wallet amounts for each coin weekly as well there value in BTC, EUR, USD.
    Also to webpage added a chart for Asset Exchange Trades for YASA asset (it looks good so decided why not).

    Thats it for this week :)

    ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

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