• Started locking in numbers staked and also start writing an weekly / year long update 🙂

  • Weekly Summary (2018.01.01) - End of Month 12

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet
    Discord Server: Discord Invite

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Market movement: 1583 (since last week) shares changed hands.

    News: I will keep this one short as i plan to write a YASA Year Report (probably gonna post it tomorrow)

    The numbers been locked in for Month 12 stakes and its looking really good. Now waiting for CoinExchange to get XP wallet out of maintenance so i can convert XP coins (this one become extremely good investment). Also waiting on cryptopia to respond to support ticket as sent NET coins isnt showing on exchange despite being confirmed on blockchain.

    BITB has completed its rebrand (well mostly) and now is callet BeanCash as well got a new ticker XBC (going to use BITB XBC interchangebly untill i get a chance to update it throught the asset docs and databases).

    As planned will be moving NET coins for exchange to another coin (this will be either XP or BITB depending on how much i get get for it as well mentioned coins prices leaning towards BITB due to needing less to achieve similar goal also due to reasons thats gonna be mentioned bellow).

    XP has staked some 2mil+ coins however there was an update to decrease its stake reward by 60%, so Month 12 payout might be the largest so far and then its gonna drop untill price rise enough to cover decrease in stake rewards. That said i am really happy with this one as it similar helped to explode total asset value (on that more in Year Report).

    BITB since has been moved to VPS staked impressive 100k+ Beans! As this proves it was a good decision i will be witholding 3000 Beans each month for next VPS rent payment (this year i payed out of my own pocket). This amount should be enough to pay for the next year and if any is leftover either gonna be siphoned into dividends or used for next year (it might be enough to cover whole next year as well). These VPS funds will be tracked on Google Sheet as all the other information. As a side bonus this means it will have more funds to stake each month even without reinvesting into Beans.

    FLT seen a very nice increase in price as well (fingers crossed it keeps that level).

    This should do as a weekly writeup, hope shareholders will be pleased to read upcoming YASA 2017 Year Report as well as being reassured for this long term investement being a good decision.

    Also i will send messages through BURST wallet to all current shareholders with invite to Discord server in hopes they decide to join it and thus i can get some more votes during more important decisions (seems there isnt many reading this on forum 🙂 ).

    ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

    Happy New 2018 i wish for you all plentifull year and for YASA to keep on growing.

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

  • YASA Year 2017 Report (2018.01.02)

    As promised YASA 2017 Financial Report.

    Share Status

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Total shares with Bonus status: 7506 still in circulation

    During the launch total of 1000000 ( One Million ) shares been registered on blockchain, this was done in case of demand, however most of shares were sold at initial 10 BURST price. And during first dividends payout (2017-01) total of 46838 were in circulation.
    Seeing how no new sales are made as well as asset being traded in lower prices decision was made to cap the share limit to 50000. 2017-10 was when the last of those were sold and asset reached its first goal of having 50000 shares total in circulation. The leftover (950000) shares will be held in the issuing account.
    There might be a time when additional shares would be released, but no such plans in near future. And personally as one managing it i am content with current situation.

    Coins Held by YASA

    During the year some coins were discarded in favor for better performing ones. EGC and 1337 due to less than satisfactory performance and very little to no price change were droped. Of original coins BITB (now XBC), XQN and NET still within asset.
    BITB: The majority of value during the year is held in BITB as it exploded in price during the spring. That investment alone helped YASA to stay relevant and keep on growing.
    XQN: Performance is decent with only minus being its price a bit stagnating currently.
    NET: Showed extreme perseverance to keep stable price in satoshis no matter if BTC was high or low. That and its performance were the factors to keep it in asset. Sadly due to increases in minimum trade order on exchange and final NET coins staking reward decrease it will be no longer profitable to keep this coin in asset. Thus it will be converted into better performing coin (this process is currently on hold as Cryptopia needs to answer back my ticket about missing NET deposit).
    FLT: This coin will be held in asset no matter how well it performs. This decision is due to it being a donation for the asset (huge thanks to @kizeren). If it manages to keep or even increase last month price (50+ satoshis) its performance will be more than satisfactory.
    XP: It was late addition this year, but it deemed to be one of the best investments together with BITB. As its price during december jumped so high that at one point all the XP coins held by asset were worth over 7 BTC!
    B3: Another late addition (same time as XP) this however proved to be a failure and currently is sitting in wallet untill its price rises at least somewhat and it good enough to convert to another coin. Sadly the problems arose fairly late in the proccess and it was impossible to salvage situation before it it got to the price it is now.

    There were other coins that i tested personally using just my own funds and decided against adding to the asset.

    Total Asset Value

    At the start of Assets life there was only 128$ initial investement or 0.14882507 BTC (BTC at the time = 862$) as majority of shares were sold before 2017-02 we can say that starting YASA funds were 254$ (0.27771850BTC @ BTC = 916$).
    Fast forward to 2017-04 when BITB price spiked and asset reached total value of 10000$ (4.03016474 @ BTC = 2486$), soon after it went down to 7000$+ mostly due to slow decrease in BITB price and dropping to 4000$ during the 2017-07-16 when BTC price crashed from 2500$ to 1890$.
    Aferwards asset was keeping between 6000$-8000$ value as BTC price slowly increased. In last weeks when BTC started rapidly increasing in price to almost 20000$ so did asset price climbed once again over 10000$ value and havent gone bellow since. In december when XP coin started rapidly increasing in price as well YASA doubled its value every week just due to sheer amount of XP coins held (32mil+) which ment small increases in XP price gave huge value increases.
    So finaly as i mentioned last week YASA was worth 56243$ (4.17545049BTC @ BTC=13470$) and during yesterdays recording of number when XP coin was at 12 satoshis price and BITB has kept to 100 satoshis range YASA reached its all time highes value of 91844$! It went down since as XP is now around 8-9 satoshis so value should be around 75000$-78000$.
    In conclusion: YASA asset total value in BTC rose about 20-30 times or over 3000% since it started. And yes if you own any YASA shares means you own part of this value (still keep in mind this is crypto and value of alt coins is very volatile so it can swing both up or down).

    Weekly YASA total value chart

    Current Shareholders Piechart

    Final Thoughts

    As an asset manager i would like to thank everybody who trusted in me despite being verified or otherwise publicly revealing my identity. YASA wont were it is now without your support.
    Going into 2018 i cant promise such huge increases again as finding coins who will increase in value exponentialy is very rare not to mention high risk (more often than not they tend to get abandoned). But i believe YASA now has a solid foundation to keep investing in itself due to large amount of XP and BITB held. Putting BITB onto VPS was a good choice as well since that increased BITB generation by a substantial amount.
    As i have started trading with my own funds i tend to see more and more different coins some of wich might even be future additions into YASA asset. I also invite all shareholders and others interested to join my Discord Server (invite link: https://discord.gg/eEedA9Z) where you can reach me out at almost all times. That would also help me to keep in touch with shareholders concerning some more important decisions about asset.
    All of the information used in this report can be found in YASA Finance Book (Google Sheet) as one of YASA principles is transparency.

    Have questions about asset, this report or something else? Feel free to reach out here on forums or discord, i will be more than happy to answer if able.

    May these 2018 be in Your favor and crypto portfolio only increase!
    -- LithStud

  • Small coins doing great things these past weeks. that XP is doing work 🙂
    Great summary, and thanks for all the effort for putting up these updates!
    A great long-term investment indeed.

  • Update: Due to good samaritan Assets main wallet now has some various assets shares. anything generated by those will go towards transaction fees and if any left (small chance) towards safety net (otherwise known as YASA Asset Holding wallet that is responsible for buying / placing buy orders to provide liquidity to asset)

  • Update concerning dividends: Almost all coins has been converted to BTC (there is still BITB left as trying to sell it as high as possible as well as additional support for other funds to reach minimum required sell order amount). Currently waiting for XP to get a stake (there was 2 stakes that got orphaned) so i can send the Month 12 coins to exchange. If i would send it now that would reset the coin age of 4+ days.

  • @lithstud Not an Investor myself (yet?), but thats the way an Asset should be managed imho. (Reflected by the fact that the Price stayed stable during the lately Price hike while many other assets be it inside burst or not have taken serious hits in Price). Keep up the good work and best to you in 2018!

  • @marc some luck with coins helped 🙂

  • @lithstud Fortune favours the brave.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Update about Dividends: Almost all funds are now in Bittrex, only 14k+ Doge coins are stuck on Cryptopia as its mail servers seems to not work (cant confirm withdraw).

    EDIT: And the funds are on there way to Bittrex. Now to get all that BURST 🙂

  • Month 12 Dividends

    December was very good for YASA asset, i hope this luck continues into new year of 2018. This is biggest payout so far. Next month shold be lower quite a bit (XP decreases its stake reward by 60%).

    Asset: YASA (ID: 13671417930174334826)
    Issuer Account: BURST-73VC-7KDZ-PJWY-D4PGV
    Dividend Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2018 19:14:51 GMT
    Total Amount of Shares: 1000000
    Total Share Holders: 52
    Total Shares Sold: 50000
    Total Bonus Shares: 7506
    BURST Staked: 161106 ($ 11464.7541)
    BURST to dividends: 112774.2 ($ 8025.3278)
    BURST to bonus shares: 4833.18 ($ 343.9426)
    BURST to reinvest: 32221.2 ($ 2292.9508)
    BURST to Safety Net: 11277.42 ($ 802.5328)
    Per Share: 2.255484 ($ 0.1605)
    Per Bonus Share: 0.64390887 ($ 0.0458)
    Total to pay: 117607.38000001 + 52 fees = 117659.38000001 BURST
    Dividends | Account | Tx ID
    39876.63258993 | BURST-S94A-Z3T5-TDZT-AK6NB | 12793642825047038335
    19004.708184 | BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H | 3382047423527700141
    16469.544168 | BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T | 3418856242262528694
    14496.96436451 | BURST-44FY-YB7W-BDCJ-32ECU | 5844094125935996397
    3922.286676 | BURST-H6L4-XQ42-VW49-7R9MW | 14778911968454637407
    3252.407928 | BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H | 13230989630148901644
    2693.047896 | BURST-Y4UV-VYTT-Q3EK-A4TEE | 13355285341268623496
    3044.36251655 | BURST-ZPPL-BV2U-VVZN-8DJX7 | 8225442329790993571
    2255.484 | BURST-RUYR-DPCS-3YXQ-86BXU | 1732517377620437381
    2160.753672 | BURST-ASDT-6UTK-LXSD-FFSCJ | 1545939528517014623
    2336.91065556 | BURST-ESRB-Y6LK-43ND-CX2TZ | 14249806334661913938
    1671.313644 | BURST-NNK7-5EKB-49CK-HN9SG | 6488181031011836235
    1646.50332 | BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E | 8527835417042035055
    597.70326 | BURST-592H-TN3F-CXNU-EPK2N | 14400503062166825443
    496.20648 | BURST-FUC5-H5EM-VFVB-5JYHF | 15203119442378533171
    451.0968 | BURST-N6MK-YHKS-NLVR-HMHLV | 9957159909081585100
    451.0968 | BURST-MRXL-XP28-EF53-4DUWE | 9334025396288228045
    448.841316 | BURST-RZCP-7H7F-GMH3-9NLGL | 15444068929669080434
    378.921312 | BURST-2K3R-FLUT-GZ94-H6ACX | 15660873510935210913
    202.99356 | BURST-HT7V-WDSR-86VY-FJR99 | 18256756581492873345
    184.949688 | BURST-PEAS-CEXY-N63L-CBTMG | 1411763234681261210
    157.88388 | BURST-8BZA-X4LU-HSN6-DWGGA | 16411446311406248539
    126.307104 | BURST-5ZRC-MP73-PFRP-34CAD | 2121358758635383156
    124.05162 | BURST-EHT4-DZSG-KVHW-87M3P | 9540407636324913765
    119.540652 | BURST-MKSG-PBZ5-C7Q9-HVWH2 | 5388332489873224599
    112.7742 | BURST-VAWC-ZSG7-JJSK-AV932 | 8223315776080571725
    112.7742 | BURST-PWKK-HE7J-HZSL-DCFEJ | 3134372040342185915
    112.7742 | BURST-A834-TQG6-44DY-FHK97 | 7101875730744401627
    112.7742 | BURST-JMGU-9TT8-389G-2QJ72 | 5123415769100704460
    112.7742 | BURST-PBAA-MB8R-7UHS-2DD8S | 9261876876928531458
    90.21936 | BURST-FLFT-MRRF-GKM9-6RRPT | 14906321445866636721
    56.3871 | BURST-VHJA-QEFD-GJUF-EQ93A | 7179761981455987832
    45.10968 | BURST-MU24-3HLN-D44J-EGW4N | 5410183131748691500
    57.98785746 | BURST-BSL5-Y27Q-PEVD-E4NUS | 4979881083997016345
    45.10968 | BURST-4KQY-WWV6-C69K-78P5H | 11953876225613376028
    31.576776 | BURST-VVHP-B7AG-MCJ8-6YYLH | 16898853785119846758
    22.55484 | BURST-F2G6-2VLB-9KK7-BGXYX | 11752017167568328698
    22.55484 | BURST-HUCS-V5BR-VQXH-E2Z5L | 17305792172269326977
    22.55484 | BURST-R82Y-HS68-6ZMZ-4KVHR | 104770169125004476
    22.55484 | BURST-UTMZ-6GGV-ZHGX-8ATP9 | 3440986964431562668
    22.55484 | BURST-J6NB-GNA3-PZ4Q-8DPNY | 11793155989191645967
    6.766452 | BURST-2HXJ-47ZW-C6LM-BHTA6 | 2343030303686318921
    4.510968 | BURST-XVZR-MRKG-6HVX-3VCAC | 9017695707665087438
    4.510968 | BURST-JS5F-KTLT-JRXN-8GKHW | 14177347421322767809
    2.255484 | BURST-T5AW-PVFV-FBJB-F2B3F | 11906492083648571501
    2.255484 | BURST-BXUN-WPWW-QNT5-GRP8B | 10581793948453137886
    2.255484 | BURST-UFJN-5GY5-F9AW-3JUDY | 11160160372821086546
    2.255484 | BURST-H9TG-W3GU-EN2N-49GUW | 6833265345969845951
    2.255484 | BURST-QHCJ-9HB5-PTGC-5Q8J9 | 15752398485214029254
    2.255484 | BURST-66BG-P87Z-7UNE-6WSE2 | 10507251394145124261
    2.255484 | BURST-4NYS-4RRK-J74A-8EX9V | 10250580550518639609
    2.255484 | BURST-MU3B-89RM-YYSW-9F8D5 | 4796844855529279497

  • That was one sweet payout! Cool BEANS. 😉

  • Holy cow xD
    alt text

  • Cheers and happy new year guys.

  • It seems divies were just at a right time 😉 i hope everybody enjoying this increase in burst price 😉

  • Weekly Summary (2018.01.07)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet
    Discord Server: Discord Invite

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Market movement: 492 (since last week) shares changed hands.

    News: So after crazy good dividends let me curb a bit expectations for next month 🙂

    If prices keep as is monetary value will be very nice (not as previous month i would think) but BURST amount will be less just due its 600+ price. Decrease is mostly due to XP rewards significantly decreasing starting from 2018.

    BITB, XQN, FLT, XP these are currently the coins working for asset. NET as i mentioned in december will be exchanged for another coin as its reward also decreases this month and it will simply not generate enough coins to get to minimum sell order. As for B3 there is finally buy order at 1 sat on CoinExchange, will wait for a higher price so asset can have a decent investment later on.

    Currently still debating where to invest funds from previous month as well funds thats gonna be generated selling NET. Leaning towards BITB as it showed most consistent earnings compared to price and scaled fairly well with BURST price. Also thinking on getting more FLT (haven't had time to sit down and analyze in depth its performance after recent changes). In both cases getting large amount of coins is difficult due to overall alts price increase. That is also a reason for not trying to get more XP - to get noticeable effect asset would need to invest close to 5 BTC worth to feel the increase. So in conclusion - leaning towards BITB as i would like to reach 3 mil Beans this year, as well as increase resistance to recent difficulty increase , with FLT being a good consideration as well.

    Overall market situation shows huge increase in peoples interest to invest in crypto. That only reinforces that crypto is here to stay no matter how naysayers try to diminish it.

    And finally for total asset value - YASA is now worth total of 195000$! Yes thats more than double from last week mostly due to both XP and BITB prices going to new heights. Still i would like to warn those trading in Asset Exchange that i do not regulate the price and wont be responsible if someone pays a lot for shares and expect i take responsibility for that. Share trading is completely free market out there and only investors decide what those shares are truly worth. That being said since i record total asset value each week i have added approximate price in BURST at that time 1 share is worth. It is up to You as investor to use it or not. Only thing i can promise that whatever shares i buy from my personal account or YASA Holding account those shares are not sold back into market by me - although i do gift from time to time some small amount from my personal wallet to those who helped asset in some way, but it is a rare occasion 🙂

    Stay safe, trade responsibly and always remember - crypto is volatile but also rewarding.

    ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

  • Update: So finally sent NET coins to cryptopia and started placing sell orders. This will take some time as i want to get as good price as possible and not crash it in the process. Looking to get about 0.6 BTC out of this of which thinking to use part to buy more FLT and the rest put into BITB. If anyone knows some cheap PoS coin that have a bright future let me know.
    I am also toying with an idea of buying some coin and holding it for a month then sell it if profit can be obtained. This would be not so much of staking but more of trading strategy as in a month coins tend to go up (if the coin is good, this is where my experience comes in and a bit of luck). I would like to hear investors opinion about this idea. I wouldnt be able to guarantee profit as this is crypto, but it might have a fair profit as well as some coins doubles in price during the month.

  • Weekly Summary (2018.01.15)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet
    Discord Server: Discord Invite

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Market movement: 5 (since last week) shares changed hands.

    News: This week was fairly uneventful.

    As expected a lot of altcoins is going down in price and overall market is kinda chaotic.

    Biggest impact will be done by XP going down in price. But if it holds current levels should generate similar gains as BITB.

    NET coins is slowly being converted into BTC. Initial plan to get about 0.6 BTC might not come true as it got affected by overall decrease in prices. But i am not rushing it and will still try to sell above 55 sats if possible. So far from the part that got converted some got invested in another 100 000 FLT coins. Might try to get some more. The rest will be somehow transported to Bittrex and converted into BITB.

    Total asset value has decreased but still close to 130k $ (please keep in mind there is ~0.5 BTC on exchange due to NET conversion thus its not reflected in any of the wallets). With two weeks left until month end it will be interesting to see which way altcoins going to go.

    ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud

  • Weekly Summary (2018.01.21)

    Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt
    Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet
    Discord Server: Discord Invite

    Total shares sold: 50000
    Market movement: 13 (since last week) shares changed hands.

    News: BTC price has reached the point it was at during 2017 12 01. That also means most of the altcoins has gone down in value a lot. But i am glad to see YASA is total worth 80K+ $ thats 8 times more than it was worth at the same time in 2017 12 01.

    BITB has been slower this month and so far has 68k beans staked. XP should have the expected 800k XP in stake rewards once it stakes one more time (so far 5 stakes all got orphaned, fingers crossed for #6).

    NET conversion is going very slow (mostly due its price going down after the start of conversion) that means selling some at lower prices than i wanted to, still expecting about 0.5 BTC from it. Considering asset invested into it 0.1 BTC (if not less) that is some nice boost, especially considering that during past year it wasn't moving in price more than couple sats.
    Some of conversion funds already bought 200k+ BITB (allready in staking wallet) and 100k FLT (still on exchange but should be moved before fork). The rest is remains on exchange - i am thinking if some should be spent on increasing XQN holdings (it hasnt been boosted for a long time), also considering getting a bit more FLT and the rest going towards BITB as reaching 3mil BITB is current YASA goal.

    Current prediction for dividends while not as substantial as for December (that was some rare circumstance of everything going sky high) it should be higher than for November. Thats taking into account current BURST price. Since there is still over a week left that might change as market is still unstable.

    ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good.

    Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know!
    -- LithStud