I Forged a block, But I don't have the Burst yet?

  • So I forged a block a bit earlier on and in my wallet under Forged block by me it says 20,000 Burst for the forged block. Do I get that amount of burst or does it get split up?
    And I thought there was only 2,500 coins per block so what is that number in my wallet? @administrators

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  • @tylerk07 did you forge it in pool? if so you will get set amount from it and not whole (most common 60%) and it will come from your pool wallet.

  • @LithStud Yeah it was in a pool, I forged one yesterdat aswell, got 1000 burst from it, So i dont know why that isnt showing up in my # of Forged blocks, it still says 1? Any ideas, I forged the block at 11pm. shouldnt it have come through by now?

  • @tylerk07 check with your pool, maybe the pool was on the fork at the time

  • @LithStud Excuse my Noobness, but what does that mean? Did I actually not receive any coins for forging?

  • Well if it happens so that you find something on a fork yes that means you didnt find anything in the eyes of those who is on the right chain. Sorry cant really explain 😃 i am myself fairly nooby what concerns inner workings of crypto world 🙂

  • @LithStud Oh that sucks! Everyone else Is getting their Forged money 😞 Why did it happen to me....

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    screenshot it

  • no no, everything nearly alright with that!-)

    Forks unfortunately happen and then nobody on this forked pool gets their Coins! First sign of a fork is usually if an unusual high amount of blocks or evan all Blocks are won by your pool. But you can also check with other pools if your on the same blocknumber or here under "State".
    The "right chain" is the "longest Chain" btw.! And running in to a Fork happens to everybody!-) several times!

    The 20'3021.06 (green) you see in you Wallet is the averaged Amount of Burstcoins which got transferred in the Blocks you forged. Since you forged only one Block up to now its the transferred amount in that one.
    But you (or the pool and you a split amount) should get the fees paid for the transferred amount. (red in Wallet)
    The light blue "Forged Fees Total" is actually the total of Block rewards you forged. But it only shows solo mined Block rewards.

    Block reward right now is 2503 Burst. And you did get an amount equal to your "current shares" and then a little more for your "historic shares" on your pool.

    I hope my noobnes has matured to a point where all of this made some sense to you!-)

    edit: forks get fixed by deleting the Wallet's database and resyncing with the longest chain. If its only your wallet you have to do it yourself, if its the pools wallet the pool admin or owner has to do it!

  • @tylerk07 You received 1003 Burst from the Pool which was your share of the 2503 Burst Block reward. That all you are going to get, no Forks here. The 20'321is 20.321 Burst which was the Transaction Amount in that Block, they use a comma instead of a decimal point.


  • @nixxda Nice thanks for that

  • @RichBC ahh sneaky...