Art Commissions

  • Here we go. I have been wondering for about two weeks or so if I should do this, but I am finally going to make this thread. I don't know if this is a good idea, but I want to sell some art on here. It will be custom art that the buyer would be purchasing.

    This and this are samples of my artwork.

    Traditional prices:

    • Sketch : 4000
    • Inked : 5000
    • Shaded : 6500
    • Coloured : 8000

    Digital prices:

    • Sketch : 2000
    • Inked : 3000
    • Shaded : 4500
    • Coloured : 6000

    How-to: First, a touch-base message would need to be made, meaning you just need to send me a message here or in PM to let me know that you want to purchase art.

    Second, let me know your idea via PM and send half of the price.

    Third: I will get the sketch made and check back with you to see if you want any changes. If the item purchased is just a sketch, then there will be one correction; if it is inked, there will be two corrections; shaded, three; coloured will get up to five corrections. If more corrections are needed, then an extra 100 Burst will be tacked on to the total price per extra fix. At this point, the rest of the total price will be need to be paid.

    Fourth: The completed piece will be presented to the buyer, and will only hold onto the creator's rights of it. It will be uploaded to my personal portfolio and you may do what you want with the art, aside from making more than what you paid for it.

    Thank you for taking a look at this post and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Great idea! I might order something for my Son for Xmas.. will keep this in mind.