FAD - feed a developer

  • Ok, this is my latest and LAST asset here folks. 402 was meant to be it, but something that recently happened here motivated me to have this done.

    Some of you have seen it, but some have not. A few weeks back i started a thread dedicated to rewarding our team of leaders in BURST by subscribing to their accounts. Only a few have signed up and the whole campaign was a miserable fail. With this asset i want to change that and reward EVERYBODY for investing. Investors will get dividends and i will have a ''dev account'' where a certain amount goes to an account managed by @crowetic where we will raise the money and have developers rewarded for their efforts.

    In the past months, i have been working very close with @adsactly and @crowetic on several projects and we ran into the same problem: it's hard to find good developers that are willing to work for free, and even the existing ones are not rewarded. I'd like to change that.

    Here are the highlights of the asset:

    Projected monthly ROI : 8-15%
    Dividend structure : the first 5% ROI goes out to the investors . The next 5% goes to the dev account. If we make more than 10% per month, a 50-50 split is done with that amount over the 10% between investors and the dev account.
    Dividend frequency : Monthly - or if we have high returns in one month, it can be sooner as well (even by-weekly)

    The money in the dev account will be used in the following way:

    1. First and most important, i will be handing out rewards to our BURST leaders for their accomplishments.
    2. I will be in close consulting with @crowetic on the remainder amount, and see if we can financially stimulate outside devs in helping on projects that will help BURST in the long run. That includes Qora!
    3. If there are no projects to fund that month, no worries, the money stays where it is and will be used for future projects

    The trading strategy i will be using in this asset is a tad more aggressive and can bring higher returns, but it's an effort i'm willing to make in the hope of making a difference. I earn NOTHING from this, in case anyone is wondering and/or will be accusing me of creating too many assets. In fact, few have noticed but i am actually capping my stuff and have been for a while now. I want money to flow into other ventures other than mine as well. NEWSILVER is close to reaching cap (only 4500 shares left for sale) , 500k has reached cap in the first 2 hours (lol on that one) , FAD will reach cap very fast i hope, and 402 will remain the only uncapped one, but i sell most of the shares in bulk for BTC anyway.

    I hope you all realize what i can bring to the table with this one and how well both teams can earn (investors and devs) . So yeah, this is my PER PROFIT NON-PROFIT asset 🙂 (someone should patent this concept fast)

    ASSET ID: 4365263114597251978
    SHARES : 200.000
    PRICE: 100 BURST per share

    For larger amounts of shares - 5000 and above that you have the option of picking them up straight in BTC. Just PM me.

  • I would like to personally thank @nameless for his efforts here. Since BURST and QORA are community developed and supported projects, the donating of funds to the development is key in getting the work paid for and completed. THANK YOU for this @nameless!

    I would also like to note, that the development fund will be held by myself, and will be posted openly for everyone to see in the project management system next week.

    Everyone will be able to both see what needs to be completed, where the money sits, and the tasks that are in progress for BURST.

    I've already setup the BURST project, but I will be focusing on adding the tasks and project areas next week. Thanks!

  • wow someone snatched up 500k burst worth. thanks for helping feed these kids 🙂

  • damn... 500k more...

  • admin

    @nameless You're welcome. 🙂

  • @haitch said in FAD - feed a developer:

    @nameless You're welcome. 🙂

    Hehe 🙂 . Basically you helped yourself here because you'll be earning as an investor and as a dev as well 🙂
    and yes i know you're not a dev, but a BURST leader is included in that fund 😛

  • admin

    @nameless I invest in all assets I think look promising, and if it feeds me and my starving family as well ..... BONUS!!

  • Great initiative! I'm definitely supporting this one, and I hope many others will too. Do you accept donations of asset shares to this asset's wallet ID as well, or will that complicate matters?

  • @Propagandalf wow, never thought of taking donations... i guess it can be done. I see no complications 🙂 , but keep in mind that investors GET PAID FIRST, and only after the 5% threshold the money goes to development

  • @nameless Okay then, I bought a stack of FAD shares and also donated some other shares to FAD. This asset is win-win for Burst in general, for investors and also for developers. 🙂

  • @Propagandalf much appreciated 🙂

  • I bought some, great initiative ! Let's show the devs some love !

  • That's the spirit!

  • Holy shit!

    3 mil+ BURST raised already! I wish i knew who bought, but thank you!

  • @nameless this is a great way to give something back to the developers and I hope many users will contribute, I bought some, It took a while because the first time I read it, the asset id wasn't in the post haha

  • Support the devs folks, almost 40 % sold of this batch already!

  • Just bought some more of this asset. 🙂

  • @Propagandalf said in FAD - feed a developer:

    Just bought some more of this asset. 🙂

    the dev team thanks you for the new sex toys they can now buy with your help.

    List of things we still lack:

    • a new chair for crow
    • a bunch of cuddly toys
    • a sound proof room for the entire team (they scare easy)
    • the latest Wham - Last Christmas album

    So folks, let's make their dreams a reality! Feed a dev!

  • @nameless very lovely ASSET..I will check it out when i get fresh btc next week..i will do this and the casino one lol

  • Hello folks,

    The big day has come 🙂 . The first ever FAD dividend and the first time the asset will buy nice stuff for our team of talent.

    180.000 BURST has just been sent out to investors, and 146.000 is to be handed over to @crowetic later today so it can be put to good use.

    That's it for this month 🙂 . I hope all are happy and please keep on buying shares so we can do awesome things together!