Plot on one wallet then use HDD on another wallet?

  • Let's say I want to plot my HDD's using the AIO on one machine and when it's done plotting I want to move those same HDD's to another machine, which obviously has a different wallet. Will they work okay from one wallet to another for mining? Also, I have found that when plotting a drive if you create a plot and try to mine while creating another plot on the same drive you get mismatching nonces as it interrupts the plotting. So, I discovered that changing the drive you are plotting to A:/ or B:/ in disk management to plot it that you can use other drives and plot at the same time on one machine.

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    @Rorepme Don't mess with the drive letters, and especially dont use A: or B: - the AIO plotter uses the drive letter to determine starting nonce, if you rotate different drives to the same leter, they'll all have the same starting nonce, and overlap. I also believe that A: and B: are ignored by the miner.

    But yes, you can plot drives on one PC and mine them on another - just don't replace the removed plotted ones with new drives on the same letters.,

  • Okay. This was the first drive outside of the one in my current tower. I'm building external drive setups using internal drives. I started to plot the first one and used A:/ to plot it so I could run the one in my tower to mine. Because plotting and mining at the same time is not working AT ALL. Which is fine. Hmm, so I can't use name for my drives like D1 or D2 when I name them nor should I plot more than one drive with each drive letter... That's good to know before I went crazy plotting every drive with the same drive letter. Building a new tower with 4 Nvidia GTX 980's, an Intel Xeon E3 3.5GHz 1150 processor, and a ASRock Z97 PRO4 1150 ATX board. Bout to be mining all kinds and then build a second tower. Anyhow, thanks for all the advice. Now back to plotting my 100tb

  • @haitch The miner don't ignore A and B drives i think... I think it's the AIO that don't read the drives A and B because if you set them manually i am pretty sure it works ;P

    @Rorepme when you mine at the same time as plotting it works, gives you the mismatcch error but it works without a problem, and when the plot is finished you will start using that plot immediatly having no downtime in the process 😉

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    @gpedro Manually it'll work - but I don't think the AIO does.

    @Rorepme If you're plotting 100TB, I'd learn to do it manually - preferably with a GPU. Look in the Mining and Plotting section for instructions on how to manually plot using either CPU or GPU, and about optimizing plots.

  • @haitch I have tried but the ink for the GPU plotter is not accurate or does not work.

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