We could use some help trying to revive these chains!

  • Hi BURST fellas 😉

    I am writing this post because i've been working with Mike, @crowetic, @haitch and some others trying to revive this chains, make them stable and get two of them relisted to Bittrex for trading...
    I know this is not directly BURST related but all these chains were taken over for the same Teams working on BURST and QORA development and in the future i can see, all this chains will be working together to offer the most complete services inside Crypto World!

    So if some of you guys/gals can spend some of your PC resources on this Stacking coins, Mikemike will send you some coins so you could start stacking them and helping the chains! Encrypt your wallets, save the passwords in a few places off your computer and test them out to make sure they work.

    So here is a list of this chains that are in need of some peers: (by order of importance)

    VIOR: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/vior
    KORE: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/kore
    GLOBE: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/globe
    XQN: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/xqn-20-p
    QORA: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/qora
    General channel for this initiative: https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/teams-coins-staking

    List of chains:

    VIOR: http://cryptochainer.com/dir/?page_id=365
    KORE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6_rC1wiYeE9aE13Zi1qYmNrX00
    GLOBAL: https://db.burst-team.us/global.zip
    XQN (Quotient): http://cryptochainer.com/dir/?page_id=365

    (@haitch is setting a website to host all these blockchains as many of you may know, this website has not all the desired chains yet but it will have as soon as the wallets in his machines are up to date, so this website will be of extreme use for us all: https://db.burst-team.us/dbs/ ) xP

    Here is a folder that has all the needed wallets to run this chains on your PC: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6_rC1wiYeE9a28zYnNFcXZZekk

    So how exactly is working this proccess:

    • Download and run the wallet;
    • Go to Alttech.chat cannel of that wallet and say to mikemike that you are running the wallet and that is fully syncedand password tested and give him your address;
    • He will send you some coins in order to you so you could be able to stake some coins coins;
    • You thank him and keep running the wallet 😉

    Any help you guys may need, just ask around here or in the according channel in alttech.chat, there will be someone for helping you out for sure! xD

    What also is important is send Bitrex and other exchangers a Ticket in each for VIOR to enable trading again and to relist GLOBE. They actually want to hear from people.

    Let's do some CPR on this chains people! hahahaha

    Additionally to that, we, in the Team are in need of some honorable C++ and .NET coders so if you are one or know some coder that is able to code in this languages and is available to provide some help, let us know (me, mikemike or @crowetic) and we will start the process of get that mad coders into the Team in order to make things better for all of us! xD

    Many, Many Thanks for whatever anyone could do!

    Qoute From MikeMike:
    "The progress and success for any of our coins and projects means the more we can do to supoort the others as always including BURST and QORA."

    Further insight by @MikeMike :https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2485/we-could-use-some-help-trying-to-revive-these-chains/29

  • @gpedro hmm to discuss all this i should probably join the chat eh? as i might be willing to add some to my asset (i leave wallet running ~17h per day a bit less during weekends).

  • I will involve in this. Count me in!

  • @gpedro Ok, let's do this! If it's not too heavy for my burst miner VERY low end CPU I can run one or more wallets on it 24/7, let's see 🙂

  • @LithStud @bandarfjb @Dario-s-wallet BIG BIG THANKS guys?! Join the AltTech.chat and join the https://alttech.chat/alttech/channels/teams-coins-staking

    This channel have been much active the last days and you can find support and info about this coins in there!

    Again, thanks for the help with this?!

  • I cannot connect to Alttech at this moment.
    I tried VIOR and it said 0 active connection so it cannot syncing. Any idea?

  • @bandarfjb I put the conf file and a README inside each of the wallets folders with the same information i gave you at the AltTech in order to facilitate this process for all the wallets syncing 😉

  • I can dedicate a pc to running only wallets

  • @gpedro I'll be the devil's advocate here and ask the questions.

    • Why are we trying to revive these coins?
    • Is Burst no longer a vivable coin?
    • What happens to Burst once these other coins are up and running?
    • Are others trying to revive the market so that they can dump their existing coins?

  • @socalguy not the devil at all, I was, in fact, wandering some of this questions.
    Like, what will happen to Burst development if all those other coins are in dev at the same time.

    We need to remember that the more project a single person have, the less work its done in each.
    The time is shared with all the work we do.

    At the end, the only currency I really care about and the only one I mine, for now, it's Burstcoin.

    PS: I've started since yesterday helping these guys and have created those wallets, it doesn't take much time, knowledge or ram to run this so why not hehe. Will not be leaving them on 24/7 but still have them on from time to time ^_^

  • @socalguy Not devil advocate at all hahaha This questions should be answered so i will explain for the point of view i have... But First i will reply to your answers:

    1 - We are trying to revive this coins because they could serve some extra services to BURST economy in the future...
    2 - As far as i see is exactly the other way: BURST is so viable that the intention is to implement this services into BURST on the future raising the price and applications of both BURST and individually each of this coins.
    3 - As far as i see, if this coins are up and running again, and the Atomic Cross Chains Transfers are up and running in all of these coins it will make BURST economy bigger than ever...
    4 - This can be happening with some people but the most of people running this wallets should be doing it by now just for put the networks up and running again and because they are believing in this project and they believe that this will help all of the coins we are trying to make better...

    Now, here is my view about this:

    If all this coins are up and running, what should take some time to accomplish due to BURST and QORA are the top priority coins on development, what will happen is that both BURST and QORA will be the central economy coins, all the others will be like companies that provide services and that operate inside that central economies (BURST and QORA)...

    KORE and VIOR are both PoS coins that allow to make video and voice calls through VOIP, what is a really cool service that will provide calls and video-calls in a decentralized and secure way, this side by side with the cheap price that calls should be worldwide...

    Imagine if you have BURST as a central economy and you have some of other coins providing extra services... This way is like each of this coins are like apps that will need money in there, so basically you will have to do a Cross Chain Transfer to this coins so you can use the service or you are stacking this coins at the same time, either way you are supporting both chains (BURST and whatever the coin you will have to use to make a cheap call by voice or video to Portugal for instance so you can talk with me xD) be for stacking the coins or by paying the cross chain transfer fees...

    So to conclude this is a way of making Services have his own coins (all this kind of services have centralized parties that hold that coins like PlayStation Store, Android Store, Skype and all the other services provided when you have to pay something the companies have always your money in their hand) and a way of linking real life companies into Blockchains, including them into other coins making economies bigger and more stable! Basically if this services are decentralized the money should be in your power all the time so if you want your money back you just do the counter operation you made to put coins into the service you wanted to buy instead of "if you deposited you have to spend it"!

    Again, i will say that this is what i think about all this matters and is the way i view things... I can't talk for everyone on the Team and i don't want to talk for nobody. This is just my opinion!

    And @Zeus i agree with you that the more projects at the same time could misfocus people to develop different kind of things instead of focus on the top priority but it's exactly because of that that exist a priority list and there is a lot of developers on the Team, not just the ones that are mostly online... A lot of Developpers don't come online just for people don't arrass them with questions in order to they are able to put their efforts on the developping of the cool stuff we use... xD

    I would like if @crowetic could tell us if this are the exact plans of the Team and if he share my vision about this wonderfull future i see happening here or if his vision for this projects are a little different!

    Again BIG thanks to all for helping with this?!

    Further insight by @MikeMike :https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2485/we-could-use-some-help-trying-to-revive-these-chains/29

  • OMG! The words are so numerous in this thread. Anyways, jack of all trades, master of none will be the effect of having too many projects at the same time.

    But I still cant install the god damn wallets. My defender just auto delete them. 😞

  • @jervis really? Hmm that is huge concern as wallets shouldnt trigger any warnings!

  • @jervis I'm running Qora, KoreCoin and Quotient, I didnt have any warnings from my defender or antivirus, really strange what you're having 😕

  • runnin' 2 qora full nodes myself. crow helped me set the wallets up as nodes because i had no idea what the fuck i was doing 🙂

  • @jervis Yeah that is quite strange... I already set up all the wallets in 3 PC's and none of them raised any red flags of nothing xS

    Just to make sure the defender you are talking is the Windows Defender? I have this turned off on my Windows so this can be where we are in a different page idk...

    Regarding the number of words on this post: You already know me, when i intend to explain something in english things get messy so usually i use a lot of words to say not much LOL

    Regarding the "jack of all trades, master of none" i don't agree because it's always very good to have a lot of applications for something we are creating and i would agree with you if it was only the same people working in all but there is not... There is different teams working on all this different things! It's possible that some dev's are working in multiple projects but i think the core of each project have different dev's!

    EDIT: I am running all the 5 wallets in 2 different PC's!

  • yeah, it's windows defender. 😞

  • @gpedro if your using windows 10 you cant turn off windows defender 🙂 yo only think you turned it off but windows just turns it back on in couple minutes.

  • @LithStud I am on Windows 10 and it has my Windows defender turned off... Here is how to do it: http://www.windowscentral.com/how-permanently-disable-windows-defender-windows-10

  • If Burst had the size, the funds, the developpers and the time to be working on this kind of side projects I would totally agree with you @gpedro but I feel that at least for now the time and energy spent on those coins would be better used in Burst-related work.