After Mining Finishes...

  • This has probably been covered multiple times but I havent seen anything on this yet. But what I want to know is what happens after all burstcoins have been mined? Theres only 24% left. After they have all been mined are more added? Or will the price of them go up?

  • Hi there,

    Once all coins are mined, the miners will only get the transactions fees as reward. Max available supply cant be extended.


  • @BenBurst Thanks 🙂

  • Are there any examples of altcoins that have completed their mining stage and are now only supported by fees?

  • @FlippyCakes As far as I know their isn't, ethereum is an altcoin that will be switching to proof of stake instead of mining coins. Hell Bitcoin isn't even done mining the original supply. For fee mining to actually work Burstcoin will have too rise in price quite a bit to maintain miners or increase the transaction fee, although there will be a lot of miners shutdown regardless just because of fear. Right now transaction fees are only ($0.000553 OR 1 Burst) wouldn't you be a little worried near the end if that was the price? Although I'm sure that the Burstcoin team will increase the fee to still manage the network in a profitable way.
    In the end this is a long way off and shouldn't discourage you from getting coins while their plentiful.
    Happy Mining.