Am I doing it right?

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    I just started with mining burstcoins and I am not sure if I am doing it right or if I need to do something more. Also what does deadline (DL) mean exactly? Is it normal that I am getting a deadline on almost every block? Also what does the time on the end of the ''sent DL'' and ''confirmed DL'' lines mean?

    Sorry for so many questions but I want answers to these because I'm going nuts.

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    You are doing it right. DL means deadline and confirmed DL means the pool got your deadline and confirmed it. Sometimes the pool does not confirm but 90-95% of the time it has been accepted by the pool

  • @Reggie The deadline is the time you would take to mine the current block. The miner with the smallest deadline of the network wins the block.

  • @Gadrah_ okay so how can I know if I had won the block? also do I need to win blocks to get rewarded or do I just get rewarded with mining occasionally?

  • @Reggie Since you are mining on, have a look at the pool's page.

    0_1479307293070_Capture5.PNG Here, user "Yellow Evan" submitted the best deadline for the pool, but A3UQ-574M-VN65-7QTX5 was the winner for that block because his deadline was smaller (2min8sec). On the precedent block, YX54-8V4W-EA7J-AQBE5 was both the best deadline for the pool and the best deadline of the entire network so he forged the block. You get a reward for forging a block, and part of that reward is redistributed to the other miners of the pool.
    So everytime someone will win a block in, you will get a small reward too. If you win the block yourself, the reward will be much bigger.

    In the "Historic shares" section, you should see your name. You can see the Bursts you win in the column "total earned". You will get your payout in your wallet once you reach 300 burst deferred on the pool, or 24h after the first coin you win.
    See this video for more informations on mining pools :

  • @Gadrah_ Thank you