Free 50 tb Burstcoin mining ( Edit : Read whole topic, thank you )

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    Hi, I found a way to get 50 tb free of burst coin mining.

    As there mining calculator show ; ;

    50 tb =

    Burst Per Day4081 Burst
    Burst Per Week28568 Burst
    Burst Per Month122436 Burst
    Network Size11039 TB

    4081 burst = $ 2.60 0.00350966 BTC

    28568 burst = $ 18.22 0.02456848 BTC

    122436 burst = $ 78.08 0.10529496 BTC

    I'm willing to sell the information and the procedure via PM.

    Price : 0.003386 BTC or 270 Ardor coin ( 2.50 USD value )

    Process will take you around 30-60 minutes to set up, depending your skill with a computer, and something else.

    No refund.

    I give you the guide, a basic support, you do the rest.

    BTC Adress ; 1Nbk1UFa4EAajkCexkXfTbrFbQU5xFWaPW
    Ardor adress ; NXT-7UFM-6TJE-HXZL-8BQSH

    PM your TXID.

    Thank you.

  • @P4ndoraBox7 You join 30 minutes ago, make one post on how to get 50 tb of free storage for mining. Just a bit fishy, dont ya think.

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    @rapidfireman Maybe you are right, but 2.50 USD ... no big risk ... but @P4ndoraBox7 you do not know burst community ... first buy it will provide it to all others, if its not a fake ... so better tell us all for free and ask for donations 🙂

  • @P4ndoraBox7 When its too good to be true....

  • @luxe Didnt thought about when the first guy who whould buy it and then share it freely.

    Guess would be best to indeed share it and keep my adress available for donation, and keep it like this at btctalk.

  • yes, donations would be better and it wouldn't make you look like a bad guy. It will even make you a hero. 🙂

    First off, this community is filled with happy people. Meaning, happy people give generously. 🙂

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    @P4ndoraBox7 Don't get me wrong, i think it's a fair offer, you did research and invested time ... i just don't think it will work out this way.

  • K I will share the procedure... Think about me when youll be mining.

    As said in my first is not an ''easy'' procedure.

    Give me a sec

    Procedure ;

    Youll have 2 path to follow, then another one.

    I explain myself ; you have one site that gives you 10 + 26 tb, and the other one, 10 tb, so 46 tb.

    You must use Chrome and translate chinese to english.

    You will have difficulty to pass the activation process, since they need a cellphone and the sms arent sent to international numbers.

    To bypass it, youll have to create a virtual phone numbers that is virtually in china, to receive sms. I didnt tried it personally, but with a bit of research I found , , or

    Once you are able to register your account, youll have virtual cloud storage up to 50 TB. As seen on the first website I shared, you may check the commentaries from a lot people saying it is indeed working.

    I hope it has been useful for you.

    Good luck.

  • I hope it has been useful for you.

    Donation ;

    BTC : 1Nbk1UFa4EAajkCexkXfTbrFbQU5xFWaPW
    Ardor : NXT-7UFM-6TJE-HXZL-8BQSH
    Burst : BURST-SSS8-YWCX-Z3VY-A7R53

  • I'm sorry, didnt read throught the whole commentaries. The free tb has been reduced...Still you may get 4-5 tb ;


    MY TWITTER @metafaniel

    Hi everyone.
    I managed to register even with the phone number step. Now 360 Cloud just offers 4TB for free, but is still great. You should use Google Chrome to be able to translate the website. It doesn't translate ALL but it certainly helps a little! Enough talk, into the steps:

    1. The steps in this articule are outdated but are still useful to get 4TB, so you can follow the original guide but with differences I'll try to cover here.

    2. Once you get into the create a new account step where there is a mainland chinese phone number required, I found a way to bypass this using an online service I found: Let me explain. This website main goal is that one precisely (help users get foreign SMS verification codes using virtual phone numbers. China is covered of course.) This is how it works: this website generates a virtual chinese phone number; you can add this number in one of their supported websites, 360 Cloud is supported; then using their website you can get the SMS and finally use the code sent by 360 Cloud to be able to register. This is a paid service, yet is so cheap I didn't hesitate testing it. $0.1 USD per SMS. I made a $1 USD recharge to my account using PayPal, so it's safe. Here are the steps to get the verification code using this service:

    2.1) Create an account at (email, password, verification email).
    2.2) Login to your account.
    2.3) You start with free 0.2 in balance, but using this free credit the SMS received will be encrypted being illegible (Like Wasp oe9511). You can test the service beforehand if you want. I'd reccomend adding some real credit first to get the 360 Cloud code legible. To add credit, at the bottom of "User Home" section you can read "3. Top up you account,we accpect Paypal and Bitcoin". Follow the link. Follow the website steps to add balance. I followed the in middle stepts to add $1 USD balance (send payment, transaction ID, submit). Maybe less credit can be added. PEOPLE: I know paying in an unknown website can be frightening but I've already tested and it works!! (= Less than $1 USD to get 4TB of online storage is a good deal!!
    2.4) Now return to User Home (menu on the left, first option) and follow the steps to use the service at the bottom. In synthesis that is select: 360 Cloud as favorite service; select Get Verify SMS, Chinese Mobile, Get Chinese Phone Number. Select 360 Cloud, click to Capture Phone Number. Use that phone number at Omit the +86 at the beginning of the number you have.
    2.5) If 360 Cloud new account form sends an error about the phone number already used, just try again with another one (at click Add to Blacklist button, then Release Number button, then Capture Phone Number button and try again)
    2.6) After some seconds if everything went OK, you'll get the code at the botton text field at (section Get SMS). You'll see chinese characters and some numbers. Use those to register at 360 Cloud!!
    2.7) Greetings, you've overcame that annoying mainlaind chinese phone number step to register!!1! 😃

    1. Now login at and you're in!!! 360 GB for free by now. Let's now change our login from the phone number we used to a custom username. Much better.
      3.1) In the upper right corner there is a grey guy icon and an arrow, click it, a menu will appear.
      3.2) Click the first option. This is the Security Center section.
      3.3) The very first option will open a new tab to To be clear I can't remember the exact steps, but translating the website to your language using Google Chrome, I'm sure you'll find here an option to set your username. Is the only option there if I remember well. The site will search if your username is available. If yes, save it and now you won't need that phone number to login, you can now login with your custom username and password!!

    2. To upgrade you can now follow the rest of the article guide. Remember, you won't get 36 TB anymore, just 4TB.
      4.1) The guide steps where it mentions about a big yellow button are outdated, so avoid those steps. Just install the Windows and Android clients as described. (The article links are still functional).
      4.2) Install the Windows client and login. You'll upgrade to 1TB!
      4.3) Install the Android client. To login, click the 360 button, not the blue one. Type your user and password and tap the grey button. You now have upgraded your account to 4TB!!! ^_^

    Is seems to be the account has some gamification, as you can level up and get more storage, I don't know how, but this will get you started people. If you manage to get more storage someway please share!!!

    MY TWITTER @metafaniel

    P.S. If the author of this article reads this comment, PLEASE update your article with this information if you think it's a good share. THANKS and good luck everyone!!!!!!
    Greetings from Mexico!!

  • Still...

    I think if you are able to hide behind a VPN.

    Get differents numbers for sms verifications...

    Change VPN location between each subscription...

    There would be something to do.

  • @P4ndoraBox7 There are these two comments at the bottom :
    "360 closed down today (20 October 2016). Actually they turned off file sharing today, will turn off uploading 1 November, and will close the system down completely on 1 February 2017."
    "From February 1, 2017 cloud disk data will be no longer retained , 360 will close all account and clear the cloud disk data, please be sure to back up your data before downloading."

  • @Gadrah_

    Yup noticed those.

    If there is no change, time to get differents accounts claiming to free TB before february.

  • Another free 2 TB ; No sign that it will end or whatever.

    Good luck.

    Think about me for the donation, I didnt asked much to help Burst miners community.

  • @P4ndoraBox7 I didn't know they will close but i have this cloud and it was already shared in here by @CoinBuster some time ago... It is a good cloud for the phone and stuff but it is not possible to mine with it because they don't have WebDAV support?! Believe me i tried a lot and then when i had no more ideas i e-mailed them and they replied that they don't have WebDAV support and that they don't intend to have it in a near future so i guess i should be expecting it to close sooner or later?! xD

  • The master of cloud mining @gpedro has spoken ! 😉 I knew I saw this tutorial before but could not remember where and when. Still, thank you for the good intention @P4ndoraBox7 🙂

  • @P4ndoraBox7 said in Free 50 tb Burstcoin mining:

    Another free 2 TB ; No sign that it will end or whatever.

    Good luck.

    Think about me for the donation, I didnt asked much to help Burst miners community.

    @Gadrah_ not master of nothing, just tested a lot of them hahaha

    @P4ndoraBox7 Thanks anyway for this clouds and i didn't knew about the xD
    Just readed the FAQ they have and they say the limit per file is 20Gb on Windows and 4Gb in Mac but they say in there that they have support for FTP so i guess it could be possible to mine with it so i will give it a try tomorrow... Thanks for the info and if it's possible to mine with it i will donate you some for sure 😉

  • Yeah I saw some of your tutorials around @gpedro

    Well, I guess I tried to help.

    Even doesnt work ?

  • @P4ndoraBox7 Yeah and thank you for that! The intention was good without shadow of doubt!!! ;P
    The baidu one i will try tomorrow and will let you guys know?! xD

  • Right on 🙂