Crazy hdd failure followed by my rig falling apart

  • This past week has been extremely frustrating and idk if anyone is going to know how to fix this or where to even begin. My HDD burnt out on my desktop, I only use the desktop for mining so i didnt lose anything serious. I replaced the HDD, downloaded windows 7 again, and i was back in business. Next day I wake up and HDD burnt out AGAIN. Fortunately I have a large supply of hard drives. I changed it again and did the whole song and dance. Now I have it running i started to mine again and my stats are awful. Before this whole thing happened I had a CPU output of about 38-40% at 15-30 seconds. Now I am doing 4-5% output at 204 seconds, any suggestions, clues, advice on what i should do???? Thanks

  • @mrusso I also changed the power supply on the last maintenance

  • @mrusso there might be something wrong with your motherbord, also check if you havent shorted something inside, cleaning of dust is also a good measure 🙂 If its something physical you should be able to tell by closely inspecting the insides of your pc (assuming you have fair knowledge with PCs). Other than that i doubt it could be software issue. If possible you might wanna give it to service who has tools to fully check it.

  • I inspected the internal components and they are all fine. i also cleaned it. I just installed another drive and it appears to be working but my output is still really slow. It's so bizarre I have no idea whats wrong with it.

  • @mrusso its really strange, can you get any information from your system? like temperatures and so on. Example if cpu is overheating it will be throttled down in spead (in your case probably not as there is not much cpu activity). Also check your HDD activity it should be near 0% and only rise during reading for sending deadlines.

    For now dont have anymore ideas. Sorry.

  • @LithStud no its cool and it does exactly that its 0 or very low then when the deadline goes it rockets irdk, im thinking its just a stroke of bad drives. The one i have going rn is working so we will see how it works out.

  • @mrusso the best way to figure out whats going on is to test each component individually on a clean system. Its either CPU, RAM, Motherboard or the disk. Trying each one at a time on another system should help you determine the cause.

  • I really do not know what else to do the drive died again a 3rd new drive....My 40 TB is sitting doing nothing 😞

  • @mrusso maybe you have a short circuit in your machine. Try changing PSU. 🙂