Burstcoin Blockchain db format?

  • Does anyone know the format of the database used for the block chain, basically i want to dump it into a mySQL db and play with it.

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    @iKnow0 You could for example use SQuirreL SQL to connect with a burst db. Burst uses h2 database, driver is included in lib folder of wallet. user and pw is 'sa' ...


    Once you setup all correctly ... you can browse the db:

    You can also use SQuirreL SQL for play with it, or generate UML diagramms and stuff ... but i suggest not play on a live db.

  • @luxe excellent! exactly what i was looking for. tyvm

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    @iKnow0 NP it's a bit tricky setting it up, first create the driver, than create a alias using the driver with the url pointing to correct folder, have to sleep now ... on issues i can help you tomorrow.

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    Just a example on UML simply from dropping tables into a new diagram:

  • @luxe and perhaps @iKnow0, I was trying to use the Squirrel SQL as shown in this thread. I copied the H2 driver from the wallet/lib folder as suggested, and then made an alias using the H2 driver pointing to my burst database.

    I can connect, but I am not able to see anything under the TABLE node of PUBLIC when I click on it. It acts like there are no tables, which is obviously not true.

    I've done no configuration or setup beyond what was discussed in this thread. Any thoughts?

    Here are some snapshots:


    0_1499176524830_DB Tree.png

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    @Evo Not sure due it was 8 month ago, but maybe your URL is not complete, in my screen i have ../burst_db/burst while you only have /burst_db ... 'burst_db' is a folder and 'burst' the database inside the folder (the file)

  • @luxe, thank you for responding. Yes, I did have the "\burst" in the URL, but the connection failed. When I removed it, it appeared to succeed. But the bad rabbit actually created an empty burst_db database in the burstcoin_1.2.8 folder and connected to this.

    What I discovered after replacing the "\burst" to the URL is that I can connect only if the wallet server is not running. Not sure why yet. Perhaps it is because I am accessing the database locally instead of over Ethernet. I'll do more experimenting.

    Thanks again for your help!