Copying plot?

  • Hi! I'm new to burst, so I do not know a hole lot about burst yet. but I'm learning. I have 4TB I can dedicate to burst. I was just wondering if I could copy one plot to another HDD, to save time. just rename it. And if that would not work, why not? It takes my 2 core iMac +45 hours to plot 1TB, or it take it 5 hours to copy a 1TB plot to another HDD. And would in creasing ram speed up plotting? Thanks for your help.


  • @Tate-A you can cut and paste plots to move them around from drive to drive , but no it wont work to just make duplicates of a plot .... the way bitcoin and most others work is your CPU , GPU , Asic ... performs math equations to mine ... in burst your CPU , GPU do the equations and save them to your HDD as Plots... when mining you just scan your HDD for the equation that you have that best fits the problum and submit a deadline .... having duplicates of the same math equations wont help you and will even throw a warning in the miner that you have overlaping or duplicate plots....

  • fastest way to plot is to use GPU ploter it's alot more indepth than the All in one client but well worth it if you have a decent GFX card.

  • @Tate-A You can copy plots to a different drive but the copy will be useless if you try to use both at the same time. This is something Burstcoin calls overlapping plots. When you plot a hard drive it will write nonce's to the drive if these overlap you'll in theory submit the same deadline twice. This now limits your mining capacity to the original plot size that you copied but takes up more space (Which is bad).

    Think of plots as lottery tickets, does photocopying the ticket increase your odds of winning, short answer No. This will only make you check more tickets when the draw comes (Knows as a block). (More work for same results)

    The goal with Burstcoin is to have the largest amount of plots assigned to your burst address without duplicates, because of what I have stated above.

    This in turn will increase your odds of winning the block.
    If you could just copy plots they would probably just get you to download them instead of generate them.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or just add the @AngryChicken to any of your posts I'll be happy to assit you in understanding.


  • Thanks guys for your help! 🙂

  • @AngryChicken what if you renamed the the nonces or used another wallet to mine?

  • @Max629

    The plotfile will become totaly invalid if you change the filename in any way.

  • @Quibus Thanks for the quick reply. I just started mining Burst this past week & I'm trying to learn & see what exactly I can get away with.