I did not get asset for my burst!

  • Hey, im relatively new to the community and currently mining with an external Hard Drive. However I tried buying some some assets from Rapidmining:

    Asset Id: 987893097294384350

    I paid and the transaction was going out but I never recieved the assets, I checked my open orders and there were none! I dont have the transaction ID anymore, but I dont even care luckily it was just a few bursts. Im just telling you this so you are aware that theres either a bug or sb doing shady stuff here. Its most likely a bug because when i looked at the transaction I recognised that it said I have paid 0 Bursts but my balance went down about 100-200. Hope it was just a little mistake, it happened about 3 weeks ago!

  • @theoneandonely you do understand what you just wrote is worth nothing? Where is your account id (we can get assets ids easy)? Without able to seek your transactions info this post will be nothing else but a spam (or i believe in crypto community its called FUD)

  • @LithStud Oh sorry:

    Account ID:


  • @theoneandonely said in I did not get asset for my burst!:


    there was no recorded trades associated with your wallet ID on RapidM asset. One possible reason might be you were on fork (there was one such occurence where whole network been of balance) in wich case you shouldnt have lost anything (after some set amount of block the lost burst gets back into wallet i believe).

    As it stands now in the eyes of blockchain you never bought RapidM shares.

  • Well I remember that my balance went down, maybe I bought the wrong asset or something!
    I just hope that it was my mistake and wont happen to anybody. Thank you for your help!

  • @theoneandonely well i can see what assets you have now 🙂 would be a bit of work to figure out if you bought and sold later some other asset.

  • @LithStud Haha yeah I understand that, it wasnt much anyways 🙂