ERROR 1003- 'accountID' parameter

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to setup my Burst mining for the first time. I plotted the drive and in the "Your BURST account" box i typed in BURST-****. I saw another video that showed hovering over that area and it would show a different account ID #. I don't get that option so i am not sure i put the correct account number.

    So after plotting the drive, no matter what pool i try when i find DL i get ERROR 1003 submitNonce request missing 'accountId' parameter.

    I tried to change the Reward assignment, i put my passphrase that i logged into burst with, then the Burst address that it generated. This one was BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C which is the pool.burst-team-us.

    I then get this long error message.

    {"requestProcessingTime":15,"error":"Cannot reassign reward recipient before previous goes into effect: {"senderPublicKey":"7674d14d290760e2229efd304035df6c0cbdfac93b61bc638248b51e0fdd1c18","signature":null,"feeNQT":100000000,"type":20,"version":1,"ecBlockId":"11915706014339338347","attachment":{"version.RewardRecipientAssignment":1},"subtype":0,"amountNQT":0,"recipient":"11894018496043975481","ecBlockHeight":297433,"deadline":1440,"timestamp":71959102}"}

    Please help

  • when plotting you need to provide numeric account id (unless your using AIO wallet then i dont know 🙂 )

  • @CrazyMiner having no experience with those errors i would check two things, there is a send transaction to establish a public key for the account and that the filenames on the plot files start with the numeric id for the account. check the account on the blockchain explorer for the transactions and it will provide the numeric id (if there is any transactions for the account). i hope this helps.