BURSTaker asset update thread (latest 11.20.2016 - new release and additional coins for staking power added!)

  • Hello all!

    It's been a while since I've posted anything new about BURSTaker asset, well, I figured that should change, so...

    **I've bought 4 more dual staking accounts and filled them each with 1k DMD.

    This means that I now have 7 double staking 'Reactor' wallets, and 1 double staking 'Legendary' wallet running on DMD coin!**

    I've also decided to dedicate funds from a wallet staking XQN, but due to the lack of volume on XQN, I will merely take the amount that it would have staked, from other sources, convert to BURST, and pay to asset holders.

    As I have done with DMD the last month, and may do again, any time I do this, I will just keep the amount that I would have sold in the staking accounts, to keep them making more and more.

    Due to this, I'm also going to be doing another release of the asset, now that it has a lot more staking power!

    It has now, 3k DMD in double staking Legendary account, and 7k DMD in double staking Reactor accounts, then it also has another 4500 DMD in a normal staking account 🙂

    This, and now that the QORA wallet is 'mined out' means that QORA will be removed from BURSTaker asset.

    I'm going to be adding OKcash to the stake list as well here soon, as well as another coin if it pans out the way I think.

    I've also got another 5TB of BURST mining power being added to the 10TB that is now mining for the asset wallet as well. I will likely continue to add 5TB / month or more as well.

    Thanks! I will do the next release somewhere in the range of the current price, and you'll see it there in the AE, I'm thinking the release price will be at 80 BURST/piece.

    This will be another 10% release, leaving 20% remaining on the asset.

    What this means now, is that 80% is effectively 100% of the payout, as the issuer account does not get paid.

    All the coin from this release, will be dedicated to holding until BURST price rises significantly, and I promise to not sell a single coin until BURST is back over 250 satoshi, so this will also function as a 'locker' of sorts, to keep that amount of coins off the market until that time. Thanks!

  • Good plan crowetic ! Thank you

  • Very nice! I am waiting for the release. Thank you.

  • I'm also waiting to release. Thank you crowetic 🙂

  • release should be done... are you not seeing it? Maybe it didn't show, some weird s*** happened with the wallet at that point.

  • My PC finally got crashed, I formatted my drive and re-installing Windows now. After install everything, I'll check forum again. 🙂

  • Do you stake XQN?

  • @bandarfjb said in BURSTaker asset update thread (latest 11.20.2016 - new release and additional coins for staking power added!):

    Do you stake XQN?

    Yes, I do, however due to the market value of XQN I'm not selling the coins, but I will be adding XQN staking to BURSTaker shortly, and I'll just keep holding the coins, and pay out the value of the staked coins via my trade profits until the coin is made stronger and the markets respond.