Burst Wallet out of sync once again

  • Hello All,

    My burst wallet stopped to sync again last night without any reason.

    Does any one know how to debug this?

    I am really close to stop mining. With BTC mining I have never ever experienced such issue like this.

  • @Jumper You just need to understand how it works and things will be clear.
    for faster blockchain sync, download the DB file from http://db.burst-team.us/
    locate your burst_db folder inside the Wallet working directory and delete files you file
    extract the db.zip contents into the burst_db folder and start the local wallet, give it 10 minutes and you'll be up and running 🙂


    Use the online wallet and don't worry about downloading or syncing blockchains .. its your choice

  • @rnahlawi

    Thank you for your answer however I have few issue with that:

    • I have a pool, so downloading the DB file manually is not an option.

    • Because of the pool, I have to run my own wallet. So cannot use online wallet. Even if that would be possible, I would still prefer to use my own.

    My issue here is that this issue happen quite often, not only for me but for many other miners as well.

    So far no one was able to pinpoint the cause of this issue. The logging that are available are not telling the cause.

    BTW: Few weeks ago, even http://burstcoin.biz/ was way outsynced.

  • @Jumper Oh, you could have mentioned that from the start.
    You are right about out-of-sync issue.
    My workaround was to use another PC to download and update the DB and then copy it to the working wallet over LAN while both wallets are turned off. There will be downtime for your pool, but it won't exceed a minute.
    In my opinion, its a network overload thing on the blockchain.

  • @rnahlawi

    Sorry, you are right. Next time I will make sure will provide the complete picture.

    As for now, the only way I am able to fix that is to popoff at least 200 blocks using debug mode, then wait until wallet sync again.

    Anyhow, I just hope that one of the developer can and will code some option to debug this issue better.

  • @Jumper Do you have the new wallet 1.2.7? add other pools to trusted peers in folder conf file nxt-default.properties
    maybe help IDK. I only get stuck once in awhile or forked but than even less.

  • @rnahlawi @Jumper I haven't has a single issue since i changed my pool's VPS. jumper what are you hosting the pool on?. with a db that was synced from scratch.

    Make sure when you need to close the wallet you do so cleanly by pressing CTRL+C on the wallet terminal window. ive found if i just shut down my pc or closed it with task manager or even the cross on the corner. the next time i opened the wallet it had a chance at getting stuck.

    i also found out the hard way that the wallet doesn't like load balanced VPS Servers. i also found that using anyone else's db can cause issues to

  • @Lexicon

    Hello Lexicon,

    I am running the pool on a PowerEdge T110 II with 16GB RAM. So it is a physical system and not a VPS.

    I do leave the system on. I had no issue for at least 3-4 weeks, but last night suddenly went out of sync. There was no reboot or wallet restart. Nothing.

  • @Jumper interesting. what version of the wallet are you using? im still on 1.2.6.

    also i found this that might help

  • @Lexicon

    I am using 1.2.6 as well

    Related to the link you posted, that is how I fixing the issue.