UK's New Investigatory Powers Bill (Security Debate)

  • Hi All,

    With this new bill being passed which effectively gives the UK government the most invasive snooping powers in history I'm getting ever concerned with the issue of security that this will bring.

    The problems that this is going to cause for for Crypto could potentially be massive. and it opens up a huge security issue for anyone who access's their wallet online, transfers backup keys using google drive or other online storage solutions as it requires all Internet Service Providers to record Content as well as sites visited by users. i'm betting that this also means that your wallet password if you type it in whilst your in the UK will be stored on your ISP's servers for 12 months.

    considering the ISP talk talk was hacked a few months ago and had a huge data-set of data stolen. knowing my passwords could be sat on their servers for a year fills me with anger and despair that they have even brought such a thing into effect.

    im guessing this will affect the Rest of the world as well if they use any services that rely on the UK's Network.

    whats your thoughts?

  • @Lexicon TOR of VPN (with very very good encryption will solve this) and you are not alone