Question about hard drives i have never understood

  • Is the faster RPM mean faster read times ???

    and when looking at hard drives from WD i see Green and blue and red and SE models and the SE ones say Datacenter on them so what the hell is the diff?

  • faster RPM is faster read times but also more $$ , SSD is far faster than the 10k rpm HDD's , and 10k rpm's wont make much diff from standard 7.2k rpm HDD my 5TB reg HDD scan's in under 10 sec by its self .. 23sec when i scan with my other 4 drives together for 8.3TB total..... as for WD color code im not that familer but i think i saw on hear somplace that red or purple is the was to go for burst.... not 100% on that and i dont know the diff betwen them

  • @Njcfamily31907 @Gibsalot Yes faster RPM (Rotation Per Minute) does mean faster read and write speeds as the head on the actuator(Read Write head) is able to cover more of the disk in shorter amount of time. As for the color coded WD drives, blacks are for games/performance, blues are for standard users, greens are for mass storage. The drives that have SE on them, they are a enterprise drive and offer features and higher quality components for intense continuous usage typically in corporate servers.

    For burst a 5400rpm is enough to read a 8 TB drive in under 30 sec which is recommended to make sure you finish scanning the whole drive on the shorter blocks. Faster drives won't hurt, but your wallet might start complaining.

    If your looking for Good HDD's for low prices, try buying external's and then opening the plastic shell to get to the real hdd. The external's are usually cheaper because they have a higher demand than just plain hdd's as people aren't comfortable or knowledgeable enough to connect Hdd's inside their desktop.

    I posted a Thread on a really good sale on 8TB HDD's here:

  • A little off topic but may be useful. He explains the functions of the hard drive well. This was filmed in the early 90s but the technology is basically the same aside from SSDs



  • the WD green drives are 5400 RPM and work fine for me...lower cost, 30-40s deadlines for 3tb drives

    i wouldn't sacrifice capacity for speed for a given dollar