The Bright Future of Aliases

  • Anyone else EXCITED about aliases? I hope that they are the basis for the social aspect of the Burst network. And I love the fact that the handles can be bought and sold for burst.

    Talk about aliases and feel free to post your leetz 😉

  • I do see Aliases section. Is it like having multiple nick names? How is it useful?

  • @samreader1 , aliases can be used as corporate identity, or even personal identity. If you own the alias and make it public, each time you send anything from that account with that alias, it's like you're ''signing'' the transaction. But in the end, we can live without it as well 🙂

  • Aliases provide the base for the social aspect of the network. I do think it would be great if the aliases were integrated as the wallet "name" so that no two wallet names could be the same.

    It can be the name for storefronts on the Burstcoin market, messaging and forum apps, for offering financial services, etc.

    These are just ideas, and I know the aliases are in early stage, but the future is bright!