Online/Local Wallet

  • Hi, can you explain some basic concepts? I'm used to Bitcoin- and Cryptonote-type coins, and things work differently in Burst. What is an online wallet exactly? I assume it uses a remote blockchain, but is the wallet data saved on my local computer?

    I installed the AIO software and apparently I have an online wallet now. But I prefer a local wallet. Can I change it to a local wallet, or should I create a new account and transfer my balance?

  • admin

    @ProkhorZ Your account and balance are recorded on the blockchain, so it doesn't matter if you use the local or online one - it's all still the same account. The online one is just there so people don't HAVE to have a local one - but you can do it either way.

  • Set up wallet. Been mining. BUT Now my "plotting, mining" bar on the bottom of my screen isn't there? How do I get that bar back? Stuck till I can find the Mining button!