Why is the burst coin i am mining on pool.burstcoin.de not being sent to wallet?

  • I have been mining for 2 days on this pool. At times i see my account on the pool but never see a payout. I cannot see them on the chain either. http://burstcoin.biz/address/11071605903816083693

    I am watching http://pool.burstcoin.de/ and i see that right now i am at
    2 hours
    [ 158 ]
    I have ben mining for like 48 hours with no pay out. Where do you see what you have waiting to be paid? If it doesnt pay out i am going to switch pools.

  • You haven't mined enough to reach the min payout.
    Your address shows too many switching of pools
    0.00 Burst BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C 2016-11-23 07:41:15
    12517810232736643951 0.04 Burst BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C 2016-11-23 03:33:34
    2137520890310191438 0.64 Burst BURST-32TT-TSAC-HTKW-CC26C 2016-11-22 03:13:46
    7369078574037754894 0.00 Burst BURST-GHTV-7ZP3-DY4B-FPBFA 2016-11-22 02:51:55

    Found your pending payments have not reached min payout.

    "11071605903816083693": 32.840151755743825,

  • admin

    @Burstde Are you looking at the correct account? Looking on the BlockEx there have been no payments to him from the pool.

  • Yes im looking at that and i should have been paid and have no 0 payments.

  • My Miner conf
    "Mode" : "pool",
    "Server" : "pool.burst-team.us",
    "Port" : 8124,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "pool.burst-team.us",
    "UpdaterPort" : 8124,

    "InfoAddr" : "pool.burst-team.us",
    "InfoPort" : 8124,

    "EnableProxy" : false,
    "ProxyPort" : 8126,

    "CacheSize" : 100000,
    "ShowMsg" : false,
    "ShowUpdates" : false,

    "Debug" : true,

    "SendBestOnly" : true,
    "TargetDeadline": 6048000,

    "UseFastRcv" : false,
    "SendInterval" : 100,
    "UpdateInterval" : 950,

    "UseLog" : true,
    "ShowWinner" : false,
    "UseBoost" : false,

    "WinSizeX" : 80,
    "WinSizeY" : 60

  • My Burst address : BURST-8L9F-X5H3-RTVG-BYKBM
    Numeric Account ID 11071605903816083693

    http://burstcoin.biz/address/11071605903816083693 <-- Info

    http://pool.burst-team.us/ <-- Shows only information in the pool 2% box.
    I have tried from many browsers and devices.

  • I changed pools this am after i noticed no payments from burstcoin.de


    My miner conf was

    "poolUrl" : "pool.burstcoin.de",
    "submissionMaxDelay" : 30,
    "submissionMaxRetry" : 3,
    "submissionMaxDeadline" : 691200,
    "socketTimeout" : 60,
    "maxBufferSizeMB" : 64,
    "plots" :

  • admin

    @AnotherDeadBody The pool is estimating your plotsize at around 800GB - with that size you don't want to be mining on burst-team pool - the accepted deadlines are too short. Try pool.rapidcoin.club or pool.burstcoin.eu

  • yes, thats correct. 870gigs. I know its not much. I switched it this am from http://pool.burstcoin.de this am after no payout. I saw it submit shares and saw me in the list. But no payout. after 36 Hours. Ill try this pool. Im getting the wait 4 blocks and standard mismatch right now.

    One question. The url that shows the graphs is not populating for me. Is this filled out over time? all i see is entrys under where it states the 2% pool fee.

  • admin

    @AnotherDeadBoOnly are you going to http://pool.burst-team.us or http://[pool.burst-team.us:8124 ? 8124 won't display correctly, use just standard url without it.

    You can try the pool, but I'd still recommend one of the others - with less than 1TB you'll be getting few submitted deadlines.

  • I moved to pool.burstcoin.eu.
    When i open my browser and for to http://pool.burstcoin.eu/ I get a colorfull page with the the reward address in the left upper. and then the screen is split into chunks. The only chunk that shows any data is under the pool fee of 2%. No matter what pool i go to it does this.0_1479937992348_pool.burstcoin.eu.PNG

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    @AnotherDeadBody And the same with all browsers? Are you connecting via a proxy of some sort ?

  • You are not going to make much on the larger pools as I see you keep on switching pools. I would stick to a smaller Uray coded pool. I would say mine first but your not happy so Try .


    With the difficulty it seems a larger plotted Hard drive is needed.

  • Its not a matter as of what i am happy or unhappy with. Im just trying to figure everything out. When i mine bitcoin ( 2.5 th ) or zcash i have 0 problem. I mine on antpool. Antpools gui ( website ) doesn't populate until after 15 or 20 minutes. But after its a steady stream of data. When the payout happens it happens and my wallet reflects it in a few moments. The user experience is pretty seemless.

    When i tried to mine burst. The wallet gave me a few error 5's when choosing pool.. I got past that. I made mistakes in my trial process. Like a 80 gig partition. So after i hooked it up and got some faucets ( in fact some were down.. the ones linked in the app ) i set reward as was off. When i went to the pool address in the browser to monitor shares its just doesnt load data with the exception of the pool fee 2% box.

    So i read little and changed to burstcoin.de pool due to the time allowed. I the browser on the pool works here and within a few minutes saw share come through. So good its working. Love the interface and love the fact i could see it. So i built a 856gig plot and restarted the miner. So i watched the pool start paying out, checked my wallet and nothing. So i waited like 10 more hours and checked again. So i posed this question here. I like burstcoin.de its A+ the design is easy on the eyes and it worked. In following others advice i have switched pools and rebuilt database with no clear solution as what is what.

    So as i said in the first part its not a happy or unhappy thing its a wheres the problem type of thing.. I could probley not be waiting long enough, or understanding how much is earned each payout. all i seen in the pool shares was like my address with 1400.00 [300] and i cant find my address in the payout section.

    Id love to come back to the pool, and bring 50tb with me. Im just not going to put the drives to use until i figure out all the issues and what is what.

    If you can help or just give me something solid that would be greatly helpful. 🙂

  • @AnotherDeadBody Heres and update on something.
    http://pool.burst-team.us:8124/ <-- Works and shows the information
    http://pool.burst-team.us <-- Does not

    So i figured that out. Off to the next issue.

  • with 856g .. little under 1tb you should be earning burst probly not enough to reach the 300 auto payout most pools have unless you hit the luck and are the one that forges a block for your pool. but you should def be geting a payout every 24 hours ish as i belive all the pools payout every 24 hours and most auto payout when you hit 300+, i could not tell you how the UI GFX work on burstcoin.de im not familer with the Uray pools. but on a ninja style pool you will want to look at the bottom right section find your name ... all the way to the right will be payout info amount with a D .. is what you have earned but not been payed yet .. amount with a U is amount that you have been payed but has not been confermed that you got it yet so is kinda in pending mode.. amount with no letter is total the pool has payed you to date.

  • also are you geting any errors at all from the miner ? no red text saying there is an issue ..... and given that you was able to find your name in the pool list for burstcoin.de ... im assuming your plot files are ploted correctly with GPU or you used the AIO client ... i myself when starting with the GPU plotter entered the wrong numeric account number and plotted a whole drive that was set to mine for somone else 🙂 lol ... had help and just copy pasted the whole string into the cmd without changing to my personal info.

  • @AnotherDeadBody Yeah I here ya it took me awhile before I shutdown my Avalons and Antminers. Just run burst on hard drives now. Pool was unstable for the first time in awhile so getting back to rebuilding it after the ISP had some issues. Tross and Lex built a little better code on top of Uray and they might call it Lexiuray.

    Small miners will get paid better with these pools. You already have 2 coins where take the same time frame and compare it with Trosses and Lexi against burstcoin.eu and you will see who is better. I'll send you 5 coins so you can switch around some more.

    Oh yes, I forgot that it took me awhile to figure out which pool to mine on plus what all the numbers meant. Now I just have to make sure my plot files keep plotting. Running 6 computers 24/7 still way less than one aisic miner.

  • I'll check other logs this what I see as pending
    "11305608785371018025": 4.263
    Are you still mining?