Flood of new Crowdfunds need Promotion ...

  • admin

    Well, seams there are a lot of new crowdfund projects showing up, everyone who creates a crowdfund should also promote it, or offer something to his donators (a slice of the cake) ... it could also help to verify as a forum member or something ... i'm willing to donate some burst, but why should i fund a unknown person without getting back anything ... On bigger projects, maybe make a web-page that explains how to get burst on exchange etc. to be able to donate ... in general the burst community members are not rich and can not fund all projects showing up 🙂
    The crowdfund feature can create some real demand for burst, but it needs to get some more public attention, so i fear it will not work out currently just adding new crowdfund and wait until money comming in ... a good way to promote would be to use @haitch banner advertising https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2153/forum-advertising-auction/65
    I'm not into it, but promote your project on social media could also help a lot.
    At least create a thread here in addition and add some more info, why we should fund you etc.