[ANN] Mining on Amazon Cloud

  • Firstly, I would like to thank the community for their support. I am truly grateful for the patience, humour and sheer brilliance of the team here.

    So...after lot's of sleepless nights, failure and trail I have managed to upload and mine 10TB on unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive, and still uploading at a high rate.

    ACD offer unlimited storage for £55 in the UK with 3 months free trail.

    I am using Amazon EC2 to mine, and have 10TB read in about 25 sec (with a 2GB network instance and 16 vCPU). I prefer to use ACD as there are tools that make it easy to mine and upload plots on Linux (therefore cutting costs on instance). I am offering people to upload plots to their Amazon cloud, or other cloud (have to support mounting the cloud as a drive on Windows/Linux).

    Offer : I will create, optimize and upload how many 50GB plots you want to your ACD or other provider (I can create an account for you for the amount Amazon charge £55). I will help you set up Linux/Windows instances, with all miners, including jminer, to the most optimal way.

    Introductory fee : 5000 Burst for 1TB (the price will go up if demand increases)


    What is the reading speed of the miner and is there any bottle necks ?

    From what I have tested, I maximized the reading speed at 160 MB/s for 10TB. This takes ~25 seconds to read. It may go even faster (when I have tested it all 32 CPU were at their 100% utilization).

    Will it be worth it in the long run ?

    At the current value of Busrt ~70 Satoshi ,10TB will give ~720 Burst a day. This equals to $0.38 a day. 20,000 Burst will give you 10TB. 20,000 Burst equal to $10.50. Mining with 10TB will cover the cost of the plots in less then one month ! Returning the value of ACD will take less then 8 months, taking into consideration that blocks reward decreasing 5% every month. A lot cheaper then buying an 10TB HDD !

    How are the deadlines ?

    I have received good deadlines (~minutes to 4 days) and also mined a block ! it's all depends on the network connection and the hardware you are running. For big account size, I think that setting up Linux instance can be worthwhile.

    How long will it take to upload 1TB ?

    This could change, and there may be a waiting time. Usually it will take about 24 hours to upload 1TB. (sometime single plots will not upload, therefore I will have to upload them again, this will happen once or twice every 10 plots).

    Will Amazon shutdown my account if I store huge amounts of data ?

    This I don't know and I can't tell you for sure. However, I have seen people that have stored huge movie libraries up to 80TB without any problems. I have 10TB and it is working perfectly well. You should consider this and proceed only if you understand the risk involved.

    Will you be able to upload 50GB files continually at the same speed ?

    As it currently stands, Amazon allows upload of files less then 50GB. I can't promise it will stay like this forever.

    Will you issue refunds for plots that haven't been uploaded or if I cancel my order ?

    I offer full refund for plots that haven't been uploaded. I can't offer refund for plots that have been uploaded. Refund price is 100 Bursts per plot (1TB = 20 plots).

    How will it work ?

    After figuring out how much you want to upload, contact me and send me the required Burst. You will have to give me your Amazon account email address and password. I am intending to be verified by Haitch soon. The nonces are prepared with 200000 increments, so please provide me with the starting nonce and the numeric account ID.

    If you like me to upload files to ACD, it will be much faster if you can open a UK ACD account from amazon.co.uk. This will ensure that the plots will upload as quickly as possible.

    Thanks again. I hope that my offer will create value and appeal to new and old miners that find it hard or expensive to buy HDD (this is where I was).

    I would love to give back to the community and if anyone want to set up cloud mining om ACD or any other cloud, I will be happy to help.

  • Very Interesting I was thinking about doing something similar. Amazon seems to work pretty good so far. I have been mining to their cloud on the 90 day trial. With any luck I will plot and mine the $60 it cost for the year in 90days 🙂

  • I just signed up for the Unlimited drive and it cost 59.99 per year in the US and you get a 3 month Free trial

  • @crusty That is awesome ! @gpedro have mentioned this to me. It took me some time to figure out the best setup for the cloud and how to maximize reading speeds. When I started, reads were at 1.2 mb/s. It made it viable at speeds of 160mb/s as it was faster then my 4TB HDD.

  • @Njcfamily31907 You are correct and I forgot to mentioned this. I will update. As you said, we have to put credit card in advance! glad you have it in the US as well. Actually is cheaper in the US then in the UK. Although the £ may go even lower against the $ 😉

  • @CoinBuster Question for you, have you had multiple uploads from different IP's yet? Simultaneously?

  • @crutsy I am trying it as we speak. Its working great. I am uploading from two computers. I have plotted, optimized and uploaded 550GB in less then 5 hours.

  • @CoinBuster So how would this work? I would give you my amazon password?

  • @crutsy Yes. I will have to access the account the upload the file directly. Sorry for not mentioning it on the Q&A, I will update.

  • @CoinBuster Do you plan to ID verify with @haitch ?

  • @crutsy Yes I will contact @haitch tommorow to start the verification process.

  • @CoinBuster ok I will give it a go!

    I'll take 5TB worth. How would you like to start?

    I'll put down 2000 Burst for the first TB once that is finished and working I will send the other 8000 sound good?

  • @crutsy sounds great. I need you to prepare you numeric account ID. The stagger size is 200000 nonce. Please let me know the starting nonce and it will increase in 200000 increments.

  • @CoinBuster Whats the address you want to be paid at? I will send an encrypted message with the 2000 burst and all the info needed.

  • @crutsy account BURST-BV7C-BAGG-AREA-4BKRX. I will set the upload to start tomorrow at 7pm GMT.

  • I am plotting directly to the ACD right now this is the command that i am running on the gpuplotter

    gpuPlotGenerator-bin-win-x64-4.0.3>gpuPlotGenerator generate direct d:/plots/3205824596068173992_24166417_14925824_4096 d:/plots/3205824596068173992_39092242_14925824_4096 d:/plots/3205824596068173992_54018067_14925824_4096 d:/plots/3205824596068173992_68943891_14925824_4096

    and then i have my mac running a plotter with this command directly to the ACD

    ./plot -x 1 -k 3205824596068173992 -d /Volumes/D/plots -s 83869716 -n 14925824 -m 16384 -t 8

  • @Njcfamily31907 Good luck buddy. Is this your first time plotting directly to ACD ? When I tried it, it had to upload the files and got stuck. let me know how it goes.

  • i suspect it got stuck due to a timeout issue my ping time to the acd is like 16 - 20 ms i also have a 110mb/s - 140mb/s download and 5mb/s - 8mb/s upload connection

  • @CoinBuster message sent

    @Njcfamily31907 Yeah bro I would deff look at @gpedro tutorial. We have figured out a lot to help you there. You are going to want to optimize for sure. Direct plotting never worked great at all.

  • you do realize it says unlimited but you only actually get 100TB of space