Burst ID keeps changing in burst client

  • Hey, I'm new to the burst community so I just got burst client for windows and got my first wallet. I used the faucet to get a bit of burst and it went through fine. However when I went back into it and opened my online wallet, I had to re-enter my passphrase and when I did, I had a completely different Burst ID and public key. I used the faucets again and then again when I went back I had to re-enter my phrase again and I now had another different wallet and public key. Those wallets had burst from the faucets in them but now they're lost because they're with my passphrase. Please can someone help me figure out how to stop this from happening over and over?

  • admin

    @Escobar3110 If the account is changing then you're entering a different pass phrase. Watch out for leading/trailing spaces and line breaks in the pass phrase.

  • @haitch should there be any spaces inbetween the words in the phrase? like should it be "wordwordwordword" or "word word word word''?
    Edit: I copy and paste it directly from a doc I saved it on. Is this the issue?

  • @Escobar3110 depends on how you want it ... your pass phrase will count every single ( space ) capital letter and numbers ... it has to be 100% exsact .. and yes you can start your pass phrase or end it with a space and it counts.

  • also id recomend 2 wallets ... 1 that you use all the time and run everything thou ... i keep a copy of its pass phrase digital stored on my comp as safe as i can ... but easy for copy past logg in's and run my miner throu it .......... for the second wallet needs to be created print off a few paper copy's or write down a few copys of its pass phrase and store them securly ... then avoid logging into that wallet if at all possible and use it as a vult to send burst to from your active account the idea is ... to keep from having a digital trail if possible to the second wallet on your comp so it cant be hacked. i dont like the defult pregenerated pass phrases ... for me i like to use longer quotes from favorit book's or a string of song lyrics from differant song's and i also like to add in random capitals and #'s or dubble space etc.. most importainly make it somthing that is both complex and long enough to be secure but simplistic enough for (you) to remember