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    If i have two 4 tb drives and i plot the first drive starting from 0 nonces. The next drive should start with the end number? Or any number that would not overlap the other? And also rpm of hard disk matter with plotting and mining?
    Thanks for answers! 🙂

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    1. Yes, make the second drive start at a nonce number that exceeds the number of nonces on the first drive.
    2. Drive RPM will affect plotting and mining speed, but even 5400 RPM drives work fine.

  • @xmagmax faster RPM will make plotting faster ... if using GPU plotter with a higher end GFX card otherwise it doesn't matter , technically yes any number that does not overlap the first drive. however id recommend first drive start at 0 , second drive start with ending # from first drive +1

  • @haitch thanks. It just matter in plotting speed. Coz there is a great price difference in 4tb 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm. Great price.!

    Also my mining speed will depend on my cpu specs or gpu specs? Not the size of the hard disk?

  • @Gibsalot thanks pal! Does cpu and gpu used in farming depend will dictate the Mb/s used? Or it was depending on the how big the hard disk plot size?

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    @xmagmax speed of mining will depend on your CPU/GPU and the speed of the drive, but any reasonable PC can successfully mine a plot.

  • @haitch oh. I see. My mining pc is only dual cores. With 3.5 ghz. Should i upgrade? Or just plot many drives as possible?

  • @xmagmax From what I read you should be fine to plot and mine with what you have right now, but in the future if your going to upgrade to 15+ TB you may be better off going with a quad core with a base clock of at least 3.0GHz it will save you time and the headache of slow mining and ploting speeds

  • @AngryChicken thanks dude! i have read one of the post here. that he just buy new gpu and use it to plot. 🙂 i should get a new one

    i have a question regarding pool rewards. 😃
    i was wondering how the burst was earned per block?
    if i get 5.40 rewards is it equal to 5.40 burst? 🙂
    also how to track your earnings a day?
    i cant compute if im earning 💔

    thanks again pal!

  • @xmagmax So yes 5.40 means 5.40 burst when you see it on the pool.
    As for finding out who gets burst each block it's a little complex but I'll do my best to explain.
    Each block can only be won by a single miner if that miner is in a pool then that miner splits the profits accordingly. Else the miner gets the whole block reward to him/her self.
    The picture below is from and shows who wins each block. You see the "Our Best Miner" column is to show who in the pool submitted the shortest deadline, where the "Forged By" column is the miner who won the block. When you see a name like "iBatman" spanning both columns then the pool has won the block.


    After the pool wins the block it needs to split the earnings accordingly this is when you look at the bottom left chart also displayed below. This chart will tell you what deadline you submitted, and the approximate reward you will earn if the pool wins the block as explained above. Also you might notice the share column this will tell you the percentage that you will receive of the total block reward if the pool wins the block.


    Then in the bottom right corner there is this chart below. This cart show how much your earning, notice that "Shake-BMiner-1" has
    44D + 1305U + 320493. Well the first number here followed by the letter "D" shows how much this miner has earn but isn't payed out (The payout time and amount differ from pool to pool but are normally 24 Hours or 300+ burst ). The second number followed by the "U" is the amount that has been payed out but hasn't been confirmed yet (Meaning you can't spend it yet). the last number is the one with no letters this is how much burst the pool has transferred in your account in your time mining.


    Lastly about finding out how much you earn daily you need to access your wallet for this. You will notice that beside each deposit in your wallet there's a time stamp as shown here:


    The time stamp is in blue colored font and the first number from the left is the days just add the amounts deposited that are from the same days and voila you have your earnings per day.