20GB plot vs bigger plot sizes

  • Hello there, I am new to mining burstcoin. I was just wondering if 5 optimized plots of 20GB and an optimized plot of say, 100GB would have any difference in mining speed? I would love to know as I have an unlimited storage Google Drive and their hard disks have quite low read speeds so I'd like to maximize the amount of Burst I mine (Unless you could store 100TB in there and it still reads in time)

  • Hi @JamesAdams , I've been plotting 10GB size and it's still okay till now I can get around 1TB. It's an accumulation of 10GB plots size.
    As long as you don't mess up the nonces for next plot and you can make sure there's no overlapping nonces, it's gonna be okay.

    I'm doing this because I only have low spec laptop which is always overheat if the CPU is running continuously in full speed. I plot 10GB size, it took around 20mins, and let the CPU's cooling down after it. While at the same time I'm running the miner. Whenever I complete 1 plot, I move it to mining folder and it allow me to increase the capacity little by little.

    Then I repeat the same procedure whenever my laptop is OK to strike another 10GB plot... 🙂 It's taking long time and patient, but I'm happy so far.

  • read time betwen 5 plots of 20 and 1 plot of 100 would be almost the same .. thou i wouldnt recomend 100 plots of 20 vs 1 plot of 2tb ... the most importain thing i recomend to keep read speeds low is optimize your plots

  • I normally do my plots 1TB each. Instead of making a 8TB plot, because it takes 35+ hours for 1TB, and 11 days to plot 8TB. And I can use that 1TB while plotting the next. Time is Burst!

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  • You can mine a plot as its plotting too. I created a 13TB plot and its problematic. Totally locks the computer except when mined with the AIO wallet/miner.

  • I see. How many more GBs does anyone reckon I could upload onto my infinite storage Google Drive? Right now I have approximately 0.5TB uploaded on there and the reading time are already 50-100s with all optimized plot files (20GB size). Is there like a limit where it is not feasible to add more TBs (maybe when reading takes 300s or more)? I have a Gigabit fibre-optic internet connection so that should not be a problem on my side. Is there any way to read all the plot files at the same time? (I assume Google spreads all my data across many HDDs and not on a single one).

  • @JamesAdams 240 sec would be the avrage block time , so you would def want to be less than that ... but block times regularly go 10+ min so ... who knows up to you