No Mans Sky

  • There is big patch with base building and other stuff 🙂 damn i feel like playing it again (at launch i had sunk into it around 100h)

  • @LithStud is it out yet? they announced it 3 months ago but i don't think it saw the light of day... i'm still keeping an eye out for this game for some strange reason and i hope they will turn it into something great someday

  • @nameless its out for steam as far as i can tell, waiting for it to hit GOG where i have the game 🙂 and personaly game was fun even with all the flack it got 🙂 i guess it mostly depended on player mindset. To many ppl today wants just instant gratification (ala 6h game) while this one is more like i dunno - zen kind of game 😃

  • Ahh just got a better look into update 🙂 Seems currently on PS4 so lets hope it will com to pc soon ^_^ And holly shit the stuff you can do in this update is already enough for me definetly wanting to play more 😃 i will frikin build myself a base to rule em all.. err to be a friendly trader... yes.. trader 😇

    Description on all things added

  • thanks a lot @LithStud ... you just cost me 30 euros!

    I bought the game off g2a 🙂

    Time to give it a non-torrented spin 😛 . No regrets!

    UPDATE : the PC version has the building modules as well !!!

  • @nameless Yes i see 😃 mine is about to finish the update 😃 talk bout lucky 😃

    Also a couple days back i think it was on huge sale on GOG 😛 i am rather wary of G2A <_<

    EDIT: ahh i will have to suspend cash mining to be able to play :| but damn i want to lol 😃

  • @LithStud It probably wouldn't have gotten so much hate if it was like $20. $60 was too much at launch.

  • I was expecting this game and when it was released I was sad of what it really was, but now I need to look again this game! I think they can make it amazing, and as @LithStud what I still like about the game is that is kind of zen, but I have already half-zen games with amazing colors and music, so I still need a little more to want it and pay it haha