I buy oldschool/retro games!

  • Hello guys! I was some years ago a videogame collector, but a need time came and I had to sell all my collection. Now, I want to buy some pieces back, so if you have some old games out there, send a message.

    I'm interested in Sega Genesis games, Nintendo 64 and other stuff. American and Japanese versions. Obviously, I pay in Burst 😃

  • @JotaJota Any specific N64 games you're looking for? I've got a ton of games and I may be able to sell you some (haven't quite decided if I want to part ways with all of them yet). Also, where are you located?

  • @vier23 My location is a problem: Brazil. If you have some games for sell, we can talk via facebook (its easier to see pictures). Or if you prefer, send a message here on the forum.

  • @JotaJota Yikes, brazil. I'm not sure how much shipping would be (I'm in Canada). I'll look into it and I'll message you on the forums. Cheers!

  • I also have a bunch of n64 games what games are you looking for ?

  • @vier23 Ok Sir. I've bought some games from USA and Canada, The shipping that time was about 10-15 dollars.

    @abansb No one in particular, but RPG and Nintendo games are priority. Sports I don't care much.

  • @JotaJota You're right, shipping a small packet with tracking but without insurance to Brazil from Canada is between $10-15, based on a quick online estimator. If there's insurance or if it needs to be a parcel, that would be much more expensive. It's getting late here so i'll private message you a list of my games tomorrow and we can discuss details. It's hard to get N64 games in Brazil eh?