• Hi Guys,

    My Pseudonym is Lexicon. im a 27 year old British guy who has a talent for understanding, learning and writing code.

    i started off coding when i was 13. where i wrote a reverse engineered runescape private server that ran on my computer in my bedroom. it was written in java, at the time i managed to integrate this with MySQL. and also recompiled the client and 3d model my own weapons and Armour.

    .net is now one of my preferred languages and where most of my knowledge is. but ive also touched delphi. js, pascal and even some machine code.

    at my current full time job;
    i created bespoke recruitment management system from scratch using VB.net with a SQL Server back end.
    updated using various SQL stored procedures. and designed for speed and simplicity.

    System Features

    • Management of temp records.
    • Management of Clients
    • Processing of job bookings.
    • Automated Self Bill Process For LTD Contractors
    • Holiday Module
    • Loyalty Scheme
    • Email Alerts
      • when a company gets achived. blacklisted or onstopped
      • emails employees on their birthday
      • Sends loyalty point balances
      • Invoices

    my previous job before this was for an automotive company.

    Tasks Included

    • Systems
    • Business Continuity
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Applications
    • End-User Support
    • Remote-Support
    • MsSQL Development
    • Automation Of Business Processes
    • Business Application Development
    • EDI

    was solely responsible for 100+ computers, 7 Servers, 80 mobile devices, large star configuration network containing various switches and fiber optic cable, 70+ printers, a security card access system, 2 clocking points and a time and attendance system + ERP System that runs the business and a medium size alcatel phone system running on twisted pair isdn 30.

    generally asking what programming languages i know isn't a good question instead you should ask what ones dont i know.

    before taking up the pool project on burst i got heavily involved in building a c# bot that ran on reverse engineered api. the bot effectively played Pokemon go for users. from there i got involved in crypto trading which is where i found burst. that project has now somewhat died due to the company changing the encryption constantly on there api. and rather than fighting a losing battle in trying to reverse engineer this over and over again i came here.

    upon finding burst i found out that Urays pool had some major issues and i found this as i was mining at tross pool. whilst there i spoke to tross and it became a goal of mine to improve it so the issues he had were gone.

    i started work in between projects where i built a c# app that interfaced with poloniex's trading api. theoretically if i kept going i could of made it buy/sell deposit and withdraw funds. as well as anything a standard user could do on the site.

    with all that said i have one weakness.
    design, making something look good takes me forever. i'm much more suited to programming and logic, than i am making something look pretty and nice.

    last year i built my own 3d printer than runs off objective c. was a fun side project and managed to print a fair few things. before that i used to mess around with arduino boards and raspberry pi's.

  • Seems like you are a very talented guy! Glad to have you in the burst community, I'm sure there will be some designers helping you out 🙂

  • @BurgerBaron people tend to tell me that i see the matrix. they are probably right. it took me 2 weeks to learn c#. then again all programming languages are pretty much the same besides from syntax

  • You just might be a great asset to burst keep up the good work

  • @Lexicon said in Lexicon:

    @BurgerBaron people tend to tell me that i see the matrix. they are probably right. it took me 2 weeks to learn c#. then again all programming languages are pretty much the same besides from syntax

    Hi @Lexicon ... what kind of human you are? You ate c# within 2 weeks????
    Can you teach me something?
    I'am older than you, but I'm nothing in front of you in the field of coding.

  • @bitko Mr Robot 😉 . lol. i wish i could teach you something dude. but i reckon i'm going to be stupid busy for the foreseeable future.

  • Would love to have one tenth of your credentials.. lovely intro.. 🙂

  • @Lexicon That's awsome sir! I wish I could understand coding! It always spiked me as something extra complexe. My knowledge in "coding" extend to some Terminal commands, if you can call that coding! hahaha! Great intro sir! Im a new commer here so I'll make sure to follow you!

  • @Davecee just simple logic to me. coding has always been a fun experience. i suppose seeing things happen whilst your working on them appeals to me. probably why i got into it as im more of a visual learner who learns by seeing things happen whilst you work on them.

    its quite easy once you get into it. but sometimes getting into it takes some willpower.

    thanks for the kind words 😃

  • @Lexicon I'm more of a graphics person myself and writer. I have a BA Hons in Graphic Design.

    I want to learn to code but it's hard to know where to start. I can do HTML, CSS but that's easy. Would love to do C++ or Java. Tried PHP, Python..I think with coding either you got it or not..

    I'm on a Blender course at the moment in my spare time.

    I have some great ideas for apps/games but need coding.

  • @Baron funny you should say that. i also dabble in graphic design. might as well call me jack.. of all trades.

    blender is an ace application. i used to use that when i modeled objects for my 3d printer.

    along with some decent slicing software