Question about pools

  • Hello, recently I tried 2 different pools and there are my results, I'm using about 5Tb right now:

    Can somebody explain to me why there is so big difference?
    Maybe the lack of luck? 😃
    Should I consider solo mining?


  • admin

    @babelis How long did you test for? And how big is your plot? Your luck will be very variable - also, Lexicon was paying bonuses to the pool which may have affected your payout.

  • @babelis how long have you been mining?

  • 3 days testing, each of them

  • @babelis that cannot be called a test. for burst, you need at least a month to really test out a pool. Everything in Burst is relative. What the calculator says is ~98% correct. You have to average your earning for the whole month.

    The pool you choose is just basing on your taste. It doesn't really matter whichever pool you go. It's all relative.

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  • when looking for a pool i tend to group the other people in the pool into groups . people around the same mining power as me , good , people with less than half my mining power also good , have as many of them in the pool as can fit people with more than dubble my mining power ... nessisary evil they will get a bigger chunk than you but will help the pool find more block's .. and last make sure the pool's total has enough total TB's to regularly find block's ... given long enough time all of the factors become null and you will earn the same anyplace exsept maby as solo luck will play a bigger factor in solo than pool mining.