Very noob question: adding my second hard drive!?!

  • Good afternoon,

    been only mining for about a week and have have been pretty happy with my results to this point. i've been mining on my spare 4tb hard drive (internal all 4tb allocated) and just aquired a usb 3.0 8tb hard drive that i would like to add to my system. i'm not sure my understanding of how to do this is up to speed. i've looked at video's and read posts on this forum but instead of messing it up i thought i would ask.

    i go into my wallet and click write plots. it brings up how much i want to plot (from 1 to 7451gb) and how many cores i want to dedicate (1-12). and it also has my burst account as correct. now when i click expert mode it gives me the start nonce choice. do i have to type anything in here to not duplicate what is on my 4tb drive? and then once plotted will it automatically know that i have two drives working in tandem, etc? this is where i get lost. any help you can offer and dumb down for me would be appreciated.


    reignking.burst on burst-team.usa

  • @reignking If you don't know what your doing don't click expert mode. Just plot the drive like the last one and the app will auto detect your nonce's.

  • sweet. wondered if it would auto detect it or if i had to configure it. thanks.